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Oct 20, 2017 at 5:57 PM
Dec 13, 2005
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Apr 19, 1992 (Age: 25)
Foursquare, a sprained ankle, bottlecap ninjas, an


Who let marco in here????, 25, from Foursquare, a sprained ankle, bottlecap ninjas, an

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HELP Feb 3, 2015

Jibaku was last seen:
Oct 20, 2017 at 5:57 PM
    1. IronGross
      Is Kyurem allowed in the recent OU?
    2. trickroom
      So if given the chance will you choose to use Bold or timid Lugia? In your mind which is the best physical wall? I think Lugia, Arceus, Groudon and Giratina. Since Giratina has that nasty Dragon weakness he isnt really that great at countering the top physical threats in the Uber metagame like Bulk up Dialga, Rayquaza, Garchomp and friends. In my opinion Lugia is the best as he can take on almost any physical attacker with the right moves and evs.
    3. trickroom
      Well I actually use 307 speed to annoy your Zekrom last match lol. But Fireburn said Bold Lugia does not deserved to be slash. I dont know but I think Bold Lugia has a lot of Merits too and especially in resttalk multiscale Lugia. Can multiscale lugia use rest and sleep talk though, since it is a dream world ability?
    4. dontusermts
      i don't get the joke for some reason

      what is this?
    5. trickroom
      Well Bold Lugia still outspeeds CB Zekrom. xP. Timid does the same but has less defense. Also the most common Garchomp, Scarf is counter better by Bold Lugia
    6. trickroom
      How does timid Lugia handles Zekrom better? Bold still outspeeds Zekrom with higher defense. Aslo Bold Lugia survives Zekrom lighting strike with enough evs
    7. trickroom
      Do you prefer Timid or bold Lugia? I still think bold lugia handles Arceus better and boosted extremespeed will leave a mark on no defense Lugia. Also Bold Lugia counters Dragon dance Rayquaza and Groudon better.
    8. tab
      jibbles [IMG]
    9. Colonel M
      Colonel M
      [IMG] + [IMG] = [IMG]
    10. Lugztina
    11. Umbreon Dan
    12. trickroom
      Well whirlwind can still phaze things. If sleeptalk cannot pick dragon tail, means, it sucks. Then roar and whirlwind is the next best choice. Reshiram ohkoes forry..:( thanks to turbo blaze. When i wanted to set up rocks on it and it died. Kyogre still owns Reshiram usually especially with calm Kyogre which is rare.
    13. trickroom
      But I think Lugia is usually chosen for EQ immunity and dragon tail as an sxtra for phazing. I got a Lugia set and will love your opinion. Resttalk + multi scale and dragon tail + whirlwind. Phazes 2/3 times and hits through taunt with dragon tail. Rest restores back to full health enabling multi scale to work every rest.
    14. trickroom
      Skarmory loses to overheat but that is rare. But skarmory faces competition from forretress who can also spin
    15. trickroom
      In your opinion which is the best swords dance Arceus counter? I think Giratina as it has will-o-wisp to burn it so even when it is the last pokemon and cannot be phazed Giratina still wins. Defensive normal arceus can counter swords dance arceus with will-o-wisp and reflect + recover.
    16. trickroom
      Actually do you think Abogoora can work in ubers to counter ho-oh and physical rayquaza? It resists sacred fire, brave bird and isnt hit too hard by earthquake and has Stone edge to strike back.
    17. KokoaKiwi
      Hello there, Jib. Quick question here. Where may I post -if anywhere- a Gen V RMT? I was thinking on Uncharted Territories, but nobody else has done so far.
    18. ShinyAzelf
      Hi there. Apparently its disco party, so here.

    19. trickroom
      Whoops no wonder. I was getting a bit unlucky that time. :(. He critted Lugia twice and Giratina with Arceus extremekiller. well if it is Skarmory, skarm will also be ohkoed by +2 life orb extreme speed after rocks in this case, which is worse.
    20. IronGross
      Do you know anyone good at pokesaving?
    21. trickroom
      How come critical hit ignores reflect in Gen v? In gen IV reflect softens the cirtical hit right? When I have giratina-A and Lugia, the opponent critted Lugia with Dragon dance Outrage and critted Giratina-A with shadow claw causing the game. :(
    22. PhilosophicalPsychologica
      Where does one go if one forgot her password?

      Also, what the hell is with all these Grass-types?
    23. Brambane
      this is absolutely bananas...

      (please don't hurt me)
    24. Jibaku
      I am going to kill all of you...
    25. firecape
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    Apr 19, 1992 (Age: 25)
    Foursquare, a sprained ankle, bottlecap ninjas, an
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