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Dec 28, 2014 at 8:51 PM
Dec 13, 2005
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Apr 19, 1992 (Age: 22)
Foursquare, a sprained ankle, bottlecap ninjas, an


Balance is a fool's master, 22, from Foursquare, a sprained ankle, bottlecap ninjas, an

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2079-7222-8589 Nov 1, 2014

Jibaku was last seen:
Viewing thread Normal-types cannot be paralyzed by Body Slam, Dec 28, 2014 at 8:51 PM
    1. Texas Cloverleaf
      Texas Cloverleaf
      thanks for the article catches, brain fart on the first and mixed up past-gen analyses for the second aha.
    2. trickroom
      Gyarados deserves a second chance to rule Ubers since it can now learn Dark Pulse which 2HKOes Specially Defensive Mewtwo with the help of Choice Specs.

      EDIT: Can you please find someone to work on the Ubers Offense article and update it...Ubers stall can wait till mid-December(after my exams) for me to do if no one else wants it :P
    3. firecape
    4. trickroom
      I can't seem to get on IRC. It said expired...Just got on now.
    5. trickroom
      [I see. So just to make sure, after extensive testing I have to post a skeleton right?]
      [Alright. May I reserve it?]

      Is TrollFreak still working on it? User Jerp wants to reserve it
    6. trickroom
      user Jerp. Idk if Trollfreak can handle so many analysis at a time X___X

      Also don't you think Kyurem-B needs some serious testing first? It is quite hard to fit in on teams and finding its niche. CB Zekrom is generally better anyway as a hard hitting CB user.
    7. trickroom
      Jibaku look what you have done....It's a disaster! You changed the tittle of my thread...and then I received the following PM:

      [I read through the rules & guidelines post for Contributions and Corrections, and if I'm not mistaken, I'm supposed to contact one of the mod's for permission to do an analysis. So I'd like to know if the subject of my first analysis could be Kyurem-B]

      IMO PARASECT >>> Kyurem-B anytime of the day. At least it gets Spore and Dry Skin!
    8. trickroom
      The Uber stall article will have to be rewritten in some sections.

      Things to be added: Scarf Kyurem-W, Latias, Landorus-T, Ho-Oh, Lugia are now released with their DW abilities. Keldeo looks cool to beat up Dark and Steel Arceus.
      Not sure about Tornadus-T but Regenerator + Hurricane seems fun, shitty defenses though. Base 121 means it can use Specs and still outrun Arceus.
      Kyurem-B sucks / just a worse Zekrom so nope.

      Oh yeah I believe Gyarados deserves a second chance since we have a new generation now!
    9. GreatWhiteBrow
      How exactly was I supposed to know that about them?

      My views about people using legendaries came when I found out that people were using Pokémon more powerful than standard Pokémon. It's the sheer fact that they are exploiting the power of the legendaries and don't seem to have any strategy. That's what I got from the VGC videos I've watched anyway. In researching the legendaries Beneficial nature stats on Serebii compared to Pokémon that I'll be using (EV/IV trained), I've realised that using the correct strategy, I can defeat legendaries with ease.

      I'll end that conversation there. Maybe you can help me out with something as Great Sage didn't seem to like this post I added earlier. If I use the Quick Egg Hatch cheat from the Action Replay, can that show as hacking my Pokémon? I have looked for this answer in plenty of places but found nothing. As a mod, I was hoping you could answer.
    10. GreatWhiteBrow
      My intention wasn't to start a flame war. If that happened then I'd accept the closure of the post. It didn't so I don't see what the problem was. I saw a post on here essentially having a go at people known as 'hoopsters'. If these 'hoopsters' were to see their images posted on this forum, that could start a flame war. Why don't you think about taking that post down as well while you're at it?
    11. GreatWhiteBrow
      So by stopping me for stating what I believe on a post is NOT preventing my freedom of speech?? Look up the meaning of irony and look back at what you typed.
    12. GreatWhiteBrow
      So, freedom of speech is a no-no as well then?
    13. GreatWhiteBrow
      I didn't say everyone should feel the same as me. I know the rules of VGC. I just wanted peoples opinions. Where did fear of legendaries come into this?
    14. GreatWhiteBrow
      Hello. Why did you close my thread without giving anyone else a chance to answer?
    15. Diabolico
      Ahhh! Okay. Thank you.
    16. Diabolico
      Ahhh I see.

      I like to ask you a question that I'm wondering about. Do you, the super mods, and the administraters have the power/ability to change other members' usernames if it was.... well... you know.... a request? That is... in case if they weren't able to change their usernames by themselves?

      Because for odd reason I had feeling that some of the mods including the super mods and the administrators have been changing their usernames multiple or at least a couple of times more the amount of times that me and the other regular smogoners can because of the fact I've a few of the mods were able to change their names alot. Is it true?

      If so, then I was wondering if you or someone can change my username for me if it's possible.
    17. Diabolico
    18. ZetoTarken
      Alright then, I'll ask someone else who can write fancy-like since we probably want a discussion thread on the twins.
    19. ZetoTarken
      Hey Jibaku, with this would you mind making(or making sure someone is making) a Lati@s discussion thread in ubers? I'd do it myself but I don't believe I can make a high-quality enough starting post.
    20. Mekkah

      i enjoy how the only VMs on our convos are about birthdays

      i also enjoy how i forgot yours,,
    21. Kara Tom
      Kara Tom
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    22. jonnyrolo
      whats good with that LoL tournament broski?
    23. TheMantyke
      I miss this D:
    24. Furai
    25. NatGeo
      i missed your birthday ;-;
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    Apr 19, 1992 (Age: 22)
    Foursquare, a sprained ankle, bottlecap ninjas, an
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