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    1. Episode36
      In my post I said I was going to get back to it soon, you delete in in less than an hour. I was to ready to add and finish my rate but you delete it, for little to no reason, please make sure you delete posts which are warranted. Thank you.
    2. Episode36
      I don't have a notebook as I said none of that is practical I don't think rules include having a notebook or something like that. I rate a team, you don't delete when within rules okay? Do the needful. Thank you.
    3. Episode36
      Yeah but that's not practical forum might move thread or second page or something, I don't have a lot of time to look around for what I'm rating. If I am rating a team, please don't delete unless warranted. Thank you.
    4. Episode36
      I did so because I was in a rush and wanted to get some thoughts down to revisit later. Thanks for saving my post, at least that helps. I agree the posts are useless if the person doesn't come back to them, but I'm not that person, so please don't delete in the future. Thank you.
    5. Episode36
      You deleted an OU RMT post of mine with basic thoughts where I said I would give a full rate later, as in like an hour later, but now it's deleted and I can't remember the thoughts I put down. Please don't remove a post so soon, especially when I had a good rate in mind! Thank you.
    6. andy0000
      Lol ok. Thanks anyways
    7. andy0000
      Hi, my name is Andy and I am the head of Cipher Corp. Would you be willing to join us? You can find us on the first page of the Social Groups in the category of Pokemon. Thank you and please join "Cipher"
    8. PSDuckie
      It's taking a while because of school (two tests in the same week!) and studying. I decided to build something around Kyurem-B, and right now I've got Kyurem-B and Forretress. Sorry about it taking so long; I'm going to work on it some more tomorrow.
    9. Harsha
      gimme some time bruh !!
    10. Golden Piloswine
      Golden Piloswine
      Thanks, I was curious as to what you play, thought you might've played VGC, but wasn't sure. Thanks again.
    11. tab
      (BAN ME PLEASE) :D
    12. Golden Piloswine
      Golden Piloswine
      Hi, I've been wondering what tiers do you play?
    13. Ricky Horror
    14. Alexander.
      just a question: there isn't a rater of the week for the past week? :O
    15. Mack the Knife
      Mack the Knife
      Please Rate my team open to all opinions. It's called Should I stay or should i volt turn
    16. PSDuckie
      I'll be ready at 7:30.
    17. Psilo
      Hey, could you rate the team titled there will be blood?
    18. Funkasaurus
    19. PSDuckie
      Maybe something tomorrow night?
    20. Harsha
      yere mate
      yere mate
      yere mate
      yere mate
      yere mate
      yere mate
      yere mate
      yere mate
      yere mate
      yere mate
      yere mate
      yere mate

      notice the spelling of the month february: feburey
    21. PSDuckie
      I am online and ready! Just waiting for you.
    22. hathater
      Okay, I will try to stop please pm me next time
      if you have to remind me
    23. Sayonara
      pacioretty getting bit rofl
    24. sandshrewz
      Interesting Fact: My favorite Pokemon is not Jirachi

      xD o/ same here lol!!
    25. PSDuckie
      All right, I'm online and ready.
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    [2016-04-12, 8:46:18 PM] TDK: pokemon rewards idiots
    dblacstardust used Focus Blast!
    The opposing hood avoided the attack!
    The opposing hood used Crunch!
    It's super effective! dblacstardust lost 100% of its health!
    dblacstardust fainted!
    ★TDK: ?
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