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Aug 2, 2014
Dec 29, 2012
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    1. morningsun
    2. morningsun
    3. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      let me know when you are ready to battle, I am going on showdown
    4. Molk
      Yeah, Druddigon's a threat to most FWG teams, or really the majority of teams in general, you should be able to handle most druddigon though because of escavalier, they are usually banded or running some kind of bulky Stealth Rock set, so as long as you scout out what move its being locked into you should be fine (you beat the stealth rock set unless its running fire punch).

      Substitute+3 attacks druddigon seems to be the biggest threat to your team at the moment, using its bulk and typing to set up a substitute, easing prediction, while also being able to KO escavalier with a sheer force boosted flamethrower. Thankfully this set is rare (for now... :>).
    5. Hulavuta
      Yeah, anyone can join. It used to be Public, but I had to switch to Moderated because frickin' Smogon Social Groups barely have any features, like PERMABANNING >_>

      You can thank Lelz/Mewtwentythree for that one xD
    6. Gotenks4star
    7. Professor Shroomish
      Professor Shroomish
      Thank you for the warning, it's greatly appreciated.
    8. tikidude
      Right. Inform every active member of BA. Make your VM/PM friend reply only.
    9. tikidude
      Don't go in BABA. Lelz is back.
    10. Molk
      yeah i took a look at your team when you sent it to me, i guess ill give you a few ways to improve the team now because we're both online.

      The first thing that i think would improve your team is changing the ev spread on uxie a little bit, instead of 252/160/96/ bold, i'd suggest an ev spread of 252 hp, 152 Special defense, 104 speed Calm. the first EV spread allows you to take hits from Nidoqueen better while being able to outrun the vast majority of them as well to score the 2hko with psychic.

      On gallade, i'd probably use Zen Headbutt over Stone Edge, this gives you a second way to check Nidoqueen just in case Uxie gets haxed or something because Gallade can take a hit from it and naturally outspeeds her, it also gives you a useful weapon against Amoonguss, Qwilfish, and Poliwrath, who all give your current set problems to an extent. there are several other possible changes for Gallade as well because of its good offensive movepool, such as using Night Slash or Leaf Blade over Shadow Sneak to hit say, slowking harder.

      i dont think you really need two choice scarf Pokemon, so i'd suggest using some kind of Entei over Emboar, it can still revenge kill certain threats because of its access to extremespeed and gives your team a bit more firepower because Entei can run say, a flame plate or choice band without being burdened by a low Speed stat.

      i'd probably try to fit Aqua Jet somewhere on kabutops as well, it allows kabutops to revenge kill and pick off big threats such as moltres and makes it easier for kabutops to sweep with a swords dance as well because it doesnt have to worry as much about being outsped, you could use it over waterfall or swords dance, so thats up to you.

      Using thunderbolt over hidden power fire is an option on rotom-c if you need a consistent STAB attack that doesnt lower your special attack or force you to switch out, but thats totally optional.

      If you find Durant is getting crippled by status often, i'd suggest trying a lum berry>life orb on durant. this provides you with a one time cushion against crippling status and gives durant some more set up opportunities, as it no longer has to fear being statused by various defensive Pokemon.

      If you find your struggling with certain grass types and/or hail, using Escavalier over durant is definitely an option. it trades out Speed for power and bulk, providing you with a check to some really dangerous Pokemon such as Sceptile and Hp Rock lilligant, while using its resistance to ice and overcoat ability to help combat hail teams, so keep that in mind if you end up struggling with either of them.

      Overall, you did a pretty good job with this team, the only real changes i had to make were with some movesets and ev spreads, with the possible replacement of Entei over Emboar i guess. Its a really solid team and i think it has a lot of potential, i'd say try out the changes i suggested next time you get the chance and get back to me about whether you like them or not. good luck :D
    11. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Oh sorry I missed.
    12. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      My browser is too old.
    13. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      OK I am on now
    14. Bald Accountant
    15. Molk
      o_k, ill look at it and give you some advice next time i see you
    16. Molk
      how about i take a look at your current RU team to start us off, i was going to go to bed in a little bit though.
    17. Molk
      sup jmorris, im your RU tutor for this rounds, please make sure to contact me asap when you see this so we can get started =).
    18. Bald Accountant
      Bald Accountant
      Want to battle Little cup now?
    19. morningsun
      That sounds perfect.
    20. morningsun
      Sorry I didn't respond yesterday. I'd be glad to battle you sometime this afternoon though.
    21. Axelia
      someone with a name similar to yours XD
    22. Axelia
    23. Axelia
      battle now? I am on PS.
    24. morningsun
    25. blitzlefan
      all right ok that's great send it over! :)
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