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Jun 30, 2012
Oct 20, 2010
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Jun 30, 2012
    1. Sardiini777
      wow, it wasn't too long battle =) but yeah I know, it is hard to counter Chlorophyll Pokemon with non-weather team
    2. Sardiini777
    3. Drake
    4. Kingtoastybread
      my fault about genesect, and usually people get para haxed more then i set up to plus six and can kill pretty much anything, and even rotom has a chance of missing hydro pump so i could have still won
    5. Kingtoastybread
      GG, sorry about the stall, i was hoping for better luck lol
    6. RazeHell
      So it's Specially defensive?
      That's useful information.
    7. RazeHell
      Good game.
      That is the second time I have encountered that Heatran set, and it has Wrecked me both times.
    8. RazeHell
      If you're still looking for a battle, I'll be in the room.
    9. Hauntzer
      I'm inside and waiting
    10. K1ngdra
      It's a part of the game doesn't matter, GG!
    11. TerraDestroyer
      Im in the wifi room waiting
    12. iColossus
      Sorry dude, my router is pissing me off today >_>
    13. Aerrow
      Ok let's say that - but still, if the previous misses and misclick with Hidden Power Fire had not occurred, such a circumstance would not have even risen. Anyways, I dislike arguing about past battles, so let's leave it at that.
    14. Aerrow
      That has got to be the haxiest battle I have ever played in. Misses, misclicks and freezes really held back the game from me (and to top everything off, I got a low damage roll on Rock Slide when hitting your Gyarados - even an average damage roll would have KOed non-Intimidate Gyarados after Stealth Rock damage); I guess some of this made up for the critical hit I got on Swampert, but tbh, I really didn't that that one mattered as I had multiple ways to deal with said Pokemon. I'd like to say 'GG', but quite frankly, this was certainly not a good game.
    15. Sarjinn
      Good game haha
    16. Sarjinn
      Okay, I'm trying to get some experience using this team 'cause it's an experimental set I thought up, so I'll use the same one if that's okay
    17. Sarjinn
      You DID crit my Burungeru for the OHKO haha, otherwise I would have been able to stall out your Rotom

      Good game though

      Wanna rematch?
    18. abcd
    19. rexxsix
    20. M.Granis
      i really wanted to play RU so i brought that team :)

      fun game ! gg
    21. IZNOGUD
    22. Mulligan
      what's going on? We battled a while back and I'm wondering if you can 4th gen battle me just one more time. Working on this project I'm doing and it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and hope everything is good with you.
    23. NintenJew
      I'm waiting
    24. Moose159
      Ice punch on metagross and max attack salamence? Really? I was NOT expecting that. T-punch and mixed mence is all everyone uses. It just shows how being different can throw people off! GG anyway
    25. NintenJew
      Yeah GG. I wish I didn't over predict and think you were going in your magnezone in my Ferrothorn to Magnet Pull it.
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