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Jr Breshears
Last Activity:
Jul 1, 2014
Jul 9, 2011
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Jr Breshears

Jr Breshears was last seen:
Jul 1, 2014
    1. Eliteknight
      Wow you do still log on every so often!
    2. Superpowerdude
      Yeah it looks fairly solid reminds me of my flagship rain team of bw2. Because they both have underated threats known usually for the defensive capabilities (you use scarf jellicent and i use Life Orb Vaporeon) also lucky for you you are the last rmt request i am going to do for a couple of weeks due to exams coming up. I will try and rate your team by tommorow.
    3. Electrolyte
      ironically, I was just about to rate your team but it seems as if you've got everything covered already. The only real changes I could identify were already brought up- such as Body Slam or Max Speed on Loom. I think you could try bulkytoed instead of Scarf, because you've got Jellicent to revenge with Water, and also to help you vs Sun teams. Other than that, your team looks really solid- nice job!
    4. Superpowerdude
      No problem amazing team by the way!
    5. Trinitrotoluene
    6. Superpowerdude
      Sure i will rate it as soon as i have time :)
    7. Style_Dota
      You can edit the title yourself by going into the "Advanced Options" when editing your post.

      Like the team by the way. Scarf Jelli the best ^_^
    8. yee
      If you come on please let me know if you would still like tutoring.
    9. Snapback
      Lol just checking :P. Have you guys been in any wars?
    10. Snapback
      Lol you're still in it right?
    11. Snapback
      Well nice :P. Oh I see. Who's in charge over there?
    12. Bloo
      I went ahead and edited it into your post!
    13. yee
      I guess our only option is for you to use mibbit's irc. Go to mibbit.com, scroll down and press "try now", where the next page says "connect" scroll down to SynIRC, put in your name and go to the channel #pokemon. If you can get there it'll be much easier for us to talk.
    14. yee
      Nvm doesn't exist lol- meet me at the valley.
    15. yee
      Meet me on the smogon server for PO1, it's how were going to communicate easily and get you more into the community.
    16. yee
      Of course, do you have IRC?
    17. yee
      I can teach you the mechanics of playing this gen but we'd be learning bw2 together.
    18. Ojama
      already agreed to tutor somebody else + medicine school is gonna start, so i couldnt tutor next round, sorry.
    19. Sayonara
      Sorry, I already accepted to tutor somebody else and I can only teach one tutee this round because I will be a bit busier.
    20. Snapback
      Lol nothing? how's tss?
    21. Delko
      Hmm, okay.
    22. Trinitrotoluene
      Nobody seriously thought you stole Deep Sea of Mare. We joked about it on IRC, but, again, nobody seriously thought you stole it. I'll inform the others.
    23. Trinitrotoluene
      That's alright. I don't hold such suspicions against other people.
    24. Trinitrotoluene
      That was a subject of joking matter on IRC. I wanted to post that on your team, but I feel that they have become distinct enough entities. If you like my teams, give them a Luvdisc! I kid you; don't do that unless you actually like the team.
    25. Snapback
      Hey! Yeah I took quite the break from pokemon lol. But I am getting back into it since BW2 is coming out soon. How's it been?
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