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Jan 4, 2014
Feb 9, 2010
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Route 101
    1. WTF BR Pancho
      WTF BR Pancho
      Hey, when can you play the VGC 12 tournament game? Weeknights 18:30 -3 gmt or Sundays are best for me.
    2. Alakapimp
      Hey, when can you play the VGC 11 tournament game? Weeknights 4:30-10 CST or Sundays are best for me.
    3. ΩDonut
      Saturday works for me.
    4. magickzzl
      eh, never mind. mall closed early for some parade thing :/ oh well! Lookforward to playing you sometime!
    5. magickzzl
      actually if you give me a few i can run over to the mall and see if the wifi works for me there?
    6. magickzzl
      Sounds great! I look forward to it! strangest part is i have no problems with the GTS... :/ Odd!
    7. magickzzl
      I was excited for the match to! :( but its definantly my router, and im going to have to assign the ds its own ISP and get its own port and to be honest i really dont want to fight it all right now. Congrats on the win! lol!
    8. magickzzl
      Its my router, it is appearently thinking its usuing all it ports, and its now. :( you can have the win, I would have gotten swept anywho ;)
    9. magickzzl
      I dont know! thats random! let me try resetting my DS and refinding my router, its new, maybe somethins up with it
    10. magickzzl
      Im on whenever your ready, im 0260 1080 4053 i have pearl if it matters
    11. magickzzl
      I actually will have a date (OMG!) but could we do it around 4 (7ish?) if thats to early maybe sunday?
    12. magickzzl
      Saturday sounds good! Im pacific time, and have a few errends to run, what timezone ar you so we can work out the kinks? PS, not at home currently, at work, so no wifi at work, but can check messages
    13. Alakapimp
    14. Alakapimp
      I subbed your opponent, your new opponent is magickzzl
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    Route 101
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