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Oct 1, 2011
Sep 18, 2009
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Oct 1, 2011
    1. muffinhead
      <However, you may only make one post. >

      Cmonnnnn read the rules next time
    2. muffinhead
      <To win, you must land on posts ending in 0 or 5, and you must post THIS EXACT WORD:


      Anything else and you will not win.>
    3. muffinhead
      No you didn't win....
    4. Jio
      Not yet, I haven't received them yet
    5. Azlanslayer
      so ummm, do what you are suppose to do :)
    6. Azlanslayer
      Well, its most likely secretive though... i can just tell you in PM, so PM me.. Also, upload them IN PHOTOBUCKET PLS.. to prevent them from finding the link/website :)

      and pls RMT :D
    7. Forte.EXE
      Um, I'm really not the best with these kind of things. Sorry, but I'm just not good with EV spreads.
    8. Eppie
      Didn't I tell you before that if one parent is alternate, the baby has to be abused on an alternate frame 9/10 times? xD

      Great job, congratulations.
    9. imapedarsag
    10. imapedarsag
      so who helped more me or eppie? i have cookies!
    11. Eppie
      Well, I have no way to explain that clear actually.
      It's just that, sometimes you land on a split or alternate spread instead of the desired non-split.

      Snorlax for example, is always non-split at my game, but on my girlfriends game, she sometimes hits alternate spreads when breeding a Snorlax.

      Also, when one of the two parents is RNG bred on a alternate frame, the baby has to be bred on an alternate frame as well, 9/10 times.

      I suggest you to experiment with a physical Pokémon. use Frame 15117 (31/B/A/21/31/A, non-split, 4.11.95) and look for an alternate frame that is close to that in time (so 4 minutes plus or less). RNG two parents that would give 31/31/31/x/31/31 on the non-split and alternate frame.
    12. Eppie
      Start over. you always have to land before your target frame so you can advance the amount of frames needed to reach the desired target frame.
    13. Eppie
      73781 - 73772 = 9.

      Pause your game and load the save state you made. press ctrl + n 9 times (ctrl + n advances the frame by 1, but make sure that ''Frame Skip'' is set at ''1'').

      After doing that, hold ctrl + z and then press p (don't unleash ctrl and/or z).
    14. Eppie
      Don't search for a target frame, what I meant was, if you can't find the frame you are on right now under No split, then look for it under Alternate or Split.
    15. Eppie
      Which pokemon are you doing?

      It is trial and error to find out if you're in alternate, split or no split.
    16. Eppie
      Sometimes it changes (ie, you are on a alternate frame now, but when you advance to your target frame it might turn out to be split, or no split).
    17. Eppie
      Try to find it under Alternate or Split. You might be hitting a Split or Alternate spread.
    18. Eppie
      I have to go so I can't help you alot more today, but this is what you have to do

      Select a target frame and make sure the parents have the right A and B IV's, then save in front of the daycare man. Now you have to softreset and let emloop run at the same time. now talk to the daycare man until the sentence take good care of it'when Emloop almost reaches 00.00.00 you make a save state (Read: ALMOST, you have to land before your target frame, but as less as possible). now pause your game load the save state you made and press Ctrl + Z + P at the same time (This let's you unpause your game while finishing the take good care of it sentence at the same time). Now check the IV's of your egg and put them in RNG reporter. If everything is done correctly, you are very close to your target frame. If you landed 160 frames before your target frame for example, pause your game again, load the save state and press ctrl + n 160 times. Press ctrl + z + p and find yourself having a flawless pogeymon.
    19. Eppie
      I just made a screenshot, it should look like this
    20. Eppie

      Your frame is determined once you finish the daycare man's sentence: Take good care of it. Then put the egg in slot 2, determine it's IV's using RSEdecoder and put those IV's into RNG Reporter (Use Emerald, no split) or by using Wichu's PokéRNG (The old version).
    21. Eppie
      If the PID ends with: 0, 2, 4, 6, 8 the Pokémon will have Ability Nr. 0
      If the PID ends with: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 the Pokémon will have Abiltiy Nr. 1

      If the PID ends with: A, C, E, G the Pokémon will have Ability Nr. 0
      If the PID ends with: B, D, F, H the Pokémon will have Ability Nr. 1
    22. Eppie
      Search for RSEdecoder tutorial, it's on his YT too.
    23. Eppie
    24. Eppie
      You can get the save file from your cartridge on your pc, and get it from your pc on your cartridge.
    25. Eppie
      If you have a flashcart you can restore the emulator .sav on your cartridge, to migrate to HG/SS (or DPPt for that matter) afterwards.
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