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Jul 23, 2014 at 5:57 PM
Feb 25, 2011
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October 7
South Plainfield, New Jersey


fuck redew, Male, from South Plainfield, New Jersey

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@_@ May 26, 2014

Jukain was last seen:
Viewing thread np: XY OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Ghost of Perdition, Jul 23, 2014 at 5:57 PM
    1. TrollFreak
      I'm willing to write this up if possible, it's past QC and Garganator hasn't been on since the 8th.

      If it does get taken over, would you mind if I did it? I have more experience in Ubers, and I want to make sure that the Uber analyses get as good a write up as possible.

      Not to say you're not experienced, but just to make sure(your work is also very good btw)
    2. SuperJOCKE
      Sorry, I can't right now. I'll see what I can do in the morning, but I can't make any promises.
    3. MikeDecIsHere
      hey man, we are playing for the #pokemon tournament. When are you free to play? I am GMT -5
    4. Proto Man
      Proto Man
      I can write a pokemon story.
    5. Proto Man
      Proto Man
      Want me to write somthing...?
    6. Jellicent
      Ahaha, yes! I love palindromes, but I hadn't even noticed I was close to this one. I would've been sad if I had missed it :)

      Also, shit, I was at 777 like 2 weeks ago. WTF, why do I post so much? Aaaah!
    7. Jellicent
      Thanks ^.^
    8. Pocket
      Thanks for your commitment, pokemon0078. I'm just busy lately, which is why I can't get around approving stuff. I will get to it when I get the chance.
    9. Harsha
      i'll check it out soon, but i've been quite busy this week. you can probably expect some mass qcing from me on friday or saturday
    10. BattleStar
      There floating in the group. You just need to search for them.
    11. ThisMysteriousGuy
      Go ahead. Between procrastinating like hell, me not experienced enough with Baton Pass, and just wanting this off my chest, I'll give it.
      Not like you'll need it, but just in case you do, this is what I got so far from using Smeargle a bit: http://pastebin.com/nT5mSh2A
    12. Harsha
      thanks! it's for dream world-related activity (darkrai)
    13. jc104
      Title it Speed Creep, because it's about Speed creep. You just need to be careful because the term is vague.
    14. jc104
      Oh I should stress that the focus of the article should be ENTIRELY on analyses. Basically, you are explaining why speed creep is forbidden in analyses, but explaining to people how the addition of extra speed evs on top of those recommended is often a good idea.

      It's not just an article about faster things being better than slower things....
    15. jc104
      You don't need to mention anything other than that, no. However, I would advise that you avoid using the term "speed creep" where possible because its meaning is somewhat vague and I believe has changed over time. You probably shouldn't be "using" or "applying" speed creep, and "speed creep" should probably not be used as a verb either.

      Here's the original thread btw:

    16. Jimera0
      Yes, you also need to explain why speed creep isn't included in analyses. Other than that you seem to have the rest of it covered. If you have any more questions as JC about it, he's the one who knows this back and forth.
    17. HardCore
      I messed up and put up R1 and sign ups at the same time so you can go ahead and prepare now if you want hopefully I'll have 8 people or more before the end of the week so nothing is hard to set up for the tourney thanks for joining!
    18. Molk
    19. Harsha
      i will take a look shortly, though the sets you have up look good so far
    20. V0x
    21. Molk
      less than a week ago
    22. cim
      i have no idea who you are so i cannot approve of you :(
    23. AccidentalGreed
      Sorry; gothitelle is currently on high priority as of now. You can contribute your thoughts in the Gothitelle thread when it's made.
    24. Sayonara
      oh okay i'll delete my post then
    25. Sayonara
      Haha, yea :d
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    lgi metro!!!!!!!

    AWAY, will still be around but don't have access to a computer the majority so won't necessarily be able to update everything


    October 7
    South Plainfield, New Jersey
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    Highly persistent
    Hi, I'm Jukain. I contribute to Contributions & Corrections and The Smog, and can help out in pretty much every facet of both areas. I'm on the GP team (C&C, The Smog, The Competitor) and The Smog HTML team. I write analyses, mainly for OU. I'm also a mentor. I'm on IRC all the time as well, so it's easy to get in contact with me. /endrant
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