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Feb 25, 2011
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Oct 7, 1999 (Age: 15)
South Plainfield, New Jersey
    1. bigmountain98
      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111111 SUPER SAYAN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111 4 SAYAN BLACK HAIR REDNES AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 TAIL OUT!!!!!!!!!11111111111
    2. bigmountain98
      ..........chanseyout!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111 i turn super sayan111!11
    3. bigmountain98
      dun talk of me in rudnes!!!!!!!!!1111111
    4. TrollFreak
      I know right :D
    5. (makeup)
      fantastic post in the hub thread. We'd like to put it in the hub :3 is that alright with you? I assume you posted it for that purpose anyway

      we're still kind of ironing out stuff for getting the hub started so I'm glad you posted that
    6. alkinesthetase
      nah i'm just taking a little break due to exams n shit; i'm on irc like 15 hours a day anyway

      also because ah... between you and me, the OU viab thread has gone to shit, and i'm worried the OU teambuilding thread will go in a similar direction... hunt and PK are good but idk if they can rein it in, and i don't really feel compelled to make a big post only for some 50-post noob to reply "SCREW THAT HYDREIGON IS CLEARLY A RANK" lol. i'm holding off on posting until i find a good opportunity to make a good, constructive post in a thread that can make use of it. in the meantime i'll just stick to answering SQSA and aopping 24/7
    7. Sayonara
      Nah, just not rating anymore :o
    8. Yonko7
      thanks man! Keep up your C&C work, idk how you can keep pumping out that many ^^
    9. thebrownie
    10. thebrownie
      Yes, you are conceited and moronic too.
    11. Ace Emerald
    12. bigmountain98
      i giv yu the love of girl like yu need
    13. alkinesthetase
      yeah my current CT is from yesterday, it was a good quote
    14. michael
      hey man, i was checking your analysis when i ran into something. i'm just checking with koko about it so i'll need to hold off on the gp check for a little while.

      sorry bout that
    15. thebrownie
      Get over yourself. You're full of it. You have this self-rightous standard and you think that everyone should abide by your standards. However you do not realize that your stupid policies of not insulting people and other bull is moronic and does nothing but ruin and distort conversation. If you think it's better to pussyfoot around and be polite when you can just flat out say "You're wrong and an idiot for believing this because..." then fine do it.

      I have no problem with you having such stupid beliefs, but to come message me telling me what I should do what you say. Then tell me that the conversation is over when you want it. Holy... You're a piece of work. Next time try not responding or just leave that out. It's goading.

      Atleast, I explained why I thought he was wrong and in no position to make such asinine claims. You gave no reasons why I shouldn't insult people outside of how you believe it.

      Ultimately, you're just full of opinions with no facts to back it up.
    16. Furosuto
    17. hilarious
      i deplore using well known/catchy names just because they are well known/catchy i think its better if the set name would describe the set for practical purposes. for instance i think ubers should be renamed bl 0 and bl should be bl 1 while ou should be tier 0, and uu tier 1, etc etc. but i'm sure you're right and if/when qc tells me to change it i will...i was just hoping nobody would notice. If its a matter of credits, it shouldn't be - its pokemon its not like it would have been particularly hard to think of the set...

      but if thats your main problem with the set i am happy happy happy as thats my first analysis
    18. bigmountain98
      i care many for yus........
    19. bigmountain98
      yu mes i take as flirt...... yu make hart stop...... give me freeze!!!111
    20. bigmountain98
      yus... the very strong...... dont mes....
    21. TROP
      stop trying to steal my new husband
    22. bigmountain98
      .... yu bring of hurt.......
    23. bigmountain98
      .... i tranlator... yu sory of wat....... hmmmm.... i show act of husband wit comfort yu....
    24. bigmountain98
      yes of agre!!!!1111 stop tis intant!!!11
    25. TROP
      stop nigga
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    C&C Work | Contribute! | ou qc leader/gp member: vm/pm for a check | the smog html team member | OU/C&C/Smog/Competitor (apparently) Mentor, hmu if you need any help teambuilding or w.e


    Oct 7, 1999 (Age: 15)
    South Plainfield, New Jersey
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    Highly persistent
    Hi, I'm Jukain. I contribute to Contributions & Corrections and The Smog, and can help out in pretty much every facet of both areas. I'm the OU QC leader and a member of the GP team (C&C, The Smog, The Competitor) and The Smog HTML team. I write/have written analyses, and post a lot in the OU forum. I'm also an OU Room Moderator on PS and that's probably the best place to get in contact with me though I'm on IRC decently often as well.
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