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  • HAHA!! Fuck him.. he is a noob.. He only uses that stall team because he can't make a good offensive team.
    Haha.. I see that Rio TX guy used the same team on you as he did me.. I DC/ed on purpose, because it was fucking stupid. :D
    OT: RYAN
    Nickname: ThundrBird
    Nature: Timid
    Level: 100 ev trained
    EVs: 6hp/252spatt/252spd
    IVs: 30/30/31/30/31/31 -[HP Grass]
    Fully Redistributable but must post link to its home site: here
    BearsFan's Heatran
    Nature: Mild Ability: Flash Fire
    Hidden Power: Green 70 Hatch Location: Stark Mountain Hatch Date : Jan. 1, 2066
    IVs: 30 HP | 30 Atk | 31 Def | 30 SpA | 31 SpD | 31 Spe
    Ev'd Version: FireBlast|Earthpower|DarkPulse|HiddenPower
    Full Redis
    UH if you ask for a fourth/5th gen iv/ev check sumone might be able to help you sorry :(

    thunderbird zapdos hp grass 252spa/252speed i dont what the 6 other evs are in
    all ivs are above 30+ again ill have to check
    Milotonic's LilBear-Male
    Nature: Sassy
    Egg Moves: Counter, Self Destruct and Curse
    IVs: 31/31/31/26/31/9
    Availability: EV Trained at Level 50: 168 HP, 120 Defense, 222 Special Defense
    Redistributable: Yes
    Heatran hp grass mixed attacker
    Nature/Ability:Mild/Flash Fire
    Ev's: its evd i cant remember the spread
    Moves:Scary Face|Lava Plume|Fire Spin|Iron Head
    hp grass
    hello i am usualy on like 8pmeastern time, my black fc is in my sig i am busy this weekend but you can catch me sunday
    i cant clone but when you get white i can give you zapdos heatran and snorlax is that okay? evd but two are nicknamed :P ill post ivs and evs once i find em in my thread
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