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Feb 20, 2012
May 24, 2011
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Feb 20, 2012
    1. Red
      Kaas do you still have that email? I wasnt able to save it...
      my email
      is bryanocava@yahoo.com
    2. Red
      Hey Kaas, Can you resend the RNG seeds again?
    3. Red
      I am ready now Kaas. .-.
    4. Red
      kaas. get on irc and get on wifi now!
    5. Red
      I might be in a half hoir. I am going to my friends house, so lets see if the wifi works there?
    6. musume
      Ok, I have thought of a breeding project you can do for the Careful Body Slam Jirachi. I would like to start an Eevee Collection.

      Shiny Eevee's with the Anticipation DW Ability
      Modest-Flawless IVs for Hidden Power Fighting
      Timid-Flawless IVs for Hidden Power Fire / Hidden Power Fighting
      Bold and Calm- Flawless IVs for Hidden Power Electric
      Adamant- Flawless IVs
      Egg Moves: Wish - Yawn - Stored Power - Curse
      We both get Semi Redis rights on the Eevee's, so we can trade them but others can not.

      Thanks! Let me know
    7. Red
      I think I can in about 15 mins.
      Ill be on IRC later, so wait and idle there?
    8. Red
      kaas. looks likewe wil hve to trade tommorow. ill be up early lol. so whenever you see me on, jusy vm me or get on irc
    9. Red
      Your pokemon are done.
      What Items do you require?
    10. hockeyguy605
      Thanks and I fixed your name.
    11. hockeyguy605
      Hey, whenever you get the chance could you take a look ay my trade thread and give me your thoughts. Thanks.
    12. Red
      Ill be here. :D :D
      Im ready
    13. Red
      Got it. Think you can be free tommorow? Its getting late And I am sleeping soon. I went on a 15 mile bike ride and I am sore. .-.
    14. Red
      When my dad falls asleep!
      To recap, and make sure I didnt forget anything...
      What items did you want, and Which pokemon did you semd me?
    15. musume
      Alright, your post references make you more trust worthy. Are you able to capture shiny roamers? I have one in mind.
      Shiny Tornadus
      31/30/30/31/31/31 (HP Ice 70)
      Naive Nature
      Heal Ball

      I always take Semi Redistribution rights on projects meaning we could trade it but the people we trade it to could not trade it.
    16. Red
      Alright. I have no idea how o make it up to you. .-.
    17. Red
      Nevermind, I cant trade tonight. I am just so sorry. I didnt even get a chance to RNG today. .-.
    18. Red
      Kas, Ill be ready in 6 hours from now. I am sorry, Ijust wasnt home..-.
    19. Rugaji
      Just in time, I just got my new laptop! So I'll be available more. I see you're offline but when you reply back, then I'll go online.
    20. Rugaji
      Oh, nicknaming them was the first thing I did lol. Alright, I'll send them over to 5th gen right now.
    21. Red
      anytime for
      another three hours.-.
    22. musume
      What projects have you done for other people? Can you link me a trade thread with some of your projects in it? Can you do Shiny projects in 5th gen? What shiny capture options do you have?
    23. Red
      I wont be able to trade tonight, but I can tommorow? :/
    24. Rugaji
      I posted this on my profile instead of yours lol..

      Oh, but I already evolved Scyther and he's at level 10 last night. Same for Hitmontop, gave him the berries to reduce his base defense back to 0 EVs. Everything is done, how do you want it traded? You want to trade it from 4th gen, or from 5th gen?
    25. Rugaji
      Actually, I asked that in the questions thread. I can invest the EVs and then let it evolve. Then, I use the corresponding berries to reduce the EVs. Then, I can teach it Sucker Punch.

      Also, this wasn't difficult. I just didn't have what I needed because before I learned how to RNG, I had given away tyrogue, or I havent caught any pokemon. So I wasn't prepared, I didnt have what i needed to start this sooner. That's all, this isn't hard at all. The RNG process was too easy, just I didn't have the Pokemon, or whatever so it was all good. :)

      By the way I'll leave Scizor at lv 10 with Pursuit + Superpower. Scyther doesn't learn it.. which I forgot. So you'll receive a level 10 Scizor with those moves, no EVs.
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