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  • I see a lot of people calling it "the new harry potter", but the're a lot more humorous then that. His new book, the red pyramid, is just as worth while reading, also, but that's got Egyptian stuff instead of Greek.

    Anyway, if you need a light ball for it, I could try to get you one, I'm just out ATM, but if you plan on not evolving it, I could have one tomorrow night.
    Mine is in my sig.

    I thought riptide was like the sword in percy jacksons and the olimpions. I'm seeing a lot of people reading the series these days, but I read it before anyone else in my school read it.
    I'm available right now.

    No one ever believes me I finished the last Olympian when they started to make the movie....Anyway, I'm just a Rick Rioridan fan.

    Do you want it to have the NN? Or do you just want "Pikachu"?
    Good game dude, you should have switched gyarados in earlier against scizor. you would have won. :P
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