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Aug 24, 2014
Apr 25, 2009
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Remodeling Kitchens, from Brazil

is a Pokemon Researcheris a Contributor to Smogon
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Aug 24, 2014
    1. ShortsTheory
      Oh, okay. I'll keep my mouth closed about such secrets. While this might seem to be a stupid question (I'm not even half as qualified as you to discuss this stuff), is the battle RNG derived from the Mersenne Twister RNG? Or are there two separate algorithms? Moreover, has anyone tried using save-states to reproduce AI results and battle RNG results?

      While I do have some experience on using emulators, I really can't understand RAM dumps. At the same time, most emulators are really inefficient in using computer resources, it takes 50% of my 2.4 GHz C2Quad and 300MB of my RAM for Pokemon Platinum for 10-15fps. That's not acceptable, if it can run so well on a DS's ARM9/7 CPUs.
    2. ShortsTheory
      Thank you, thank you! Interestingly, 723898027648 has exactly the same team as the battle which I gave you. Also, in the pastebin file, all the turns from turn 12 have exactly the same data, though I am unable to interpret anything from it. Are the three battles conclusive to any glitch? Also, can it be reproduced?

      I'm actually interested in analyzing battle videos and I want to know how it's done. Though, if it is a trade secret of yours, that's okay.
    3. ShortsTheory
      Kaphotics, I found this really weird battle on the Global Terminal yesterday. It looks like an extreme glitch or form of hacking after turn #12. Can you have a look at this battle: 66-52221-27416? Your analysis will be much appreciated!
    4. PokéFanMan
      Kaphotics thanks for everything. I'm not sure if I have told you this already but thanks for all you have done. You have helped me learn RNG many times and taught me a lot of other things. Thanks for being there for me and I hope you continue your research and I wish you the best of luck on all you do. Thanks.
    5. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      Hi, do you know of any good people who might be able to teach me to RNG?

      A lot of the guides fly right over my head, and I only get about half the things they say...
    6. NixHex
      What in the f
    7. Omicron
      A very beautiful badge combination; congrats!
    8. Biosci
    9. Ray Jay
      Ray Jay
      So strong. Good job to you and everyone else who compiled the formula article!
    10. TheMantyke
      I specifically allowed items so you could rape the competition with a Quick Claw Guillotine Kingler
    11. Ninahaza
    12. kittenmay
      Hi Kaphotics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    13. Ticcyboy
      Hi ive been trying to rng a roamer on an emulator but had no success and i was just wondering if maybe you could help me out? thanks
    14. Nickscor
      Alrighty then.
    15. Nickscor
      For completion's sake, I checked my notepad and Mike's last name was Ellis (I'm pretty damn sure I didn't spell it wrong)
    16. Nickscor
      Thanks man. I'll probably cut English to check it out and write up my warstory.
    17. kittenmay
    18. kittenmay
      Ohhh. Stalker?
    19. kittenmay
      Sorry? 1000 what?
    20. Justin Thyme
    21. -Matteo-
      OK, I understand: all thse things will be helpful, becusa as soon as possible I start again the game
    22. -Matteo-
      are you sure? I found theree possible spread on this dragonite, or not? anyway thanks for the shadow boost help, but I think that is bettere o catch th pokemon and check the statistic, or not? in this way shadow boost isn't a problem
    23. TheMantyke
      Let the alcohol flow like water!
    24. muffinhead
      happy birthday


    25. Zacchaeus
      Happy birthday
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