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Feb 21, 2015
Apr 25, 2009
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Remodeling Kitchens, from Brazil

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Feb 21, 2015
    1. NoToRiousBrawL
      Hey I have not logged in here for a while sorry I could not reply earlier than this time. I understand you do not events but now I get it I think some doches bring your name at random then :/ , meanwhile I do have a Pokemon which I would like you to check for me please I can email it to you in file... Or screen shot of Pokecheck .. Thanks man!
    2. Justin Thyme
      Justin Thyme
      Sorry to bother you but I'm interested in RNG abusing Pickup.

      You said that it doesn't work if you run. So when you tried it out with the 6 Linoones did you walk or use the bicycle? Because you couldn't have used Sweet Scent.

    3. V4Victini
      The signature pleases me...
    4. GoldenBanana
    5. Loukas
      Again thanks:)
    6. Loukas
      Thanks. Do you have it for Black aswell?And with what extension i save this?
    7. mew333
      Whats a good ID/PID on 3 gen (R/S) to get Shiny Pokemon with good Ivs
    8. Loukas
      Do you happen to have a link to B/W ram watch and mem locations for jap and english games that can help in Entralink abuse?
    9. Age of Kings
      Age of Kings
      Hey, sorry I didn't respond to your message earlier. If you could get me that Latios, that would be great. Also I was wondering if you had a 31/x/31/31/31/31 Bold Cress by any chance? My Cress has HP Fighting and the 30s bother me for VGC. Thanks!

      EDIT;; Also, a Modest HP Ice Zapdos. Sorry for asking for so much, it's just that my Latios and Zapdos aren't mine and I feel bad giving them to other people to trade.
    10. NoToRiousBrawL
      Hello this is BrawL , so tell me man what do you want for that Celebi of yours?
    11. Cosmic Fury
      Cosmic Fury
      Hello, it's me, Cosmic Fury from Serebii...

      Just wondering about the whole .pkm file system, as I have never used it, nor traded with files before.

      Also, how does Pokecheck work with both files and pokemon in the game carts? I know it sounds like a stupid question, but it all kinda flew over my head...:(
    12. KokoaKiwi
      Say, why was I banned from the shoutbox...? Also, is it a permaban or will it expire eventually?
    13. Human
      I went and uploaded it myself just in case others wanted it later too

      Don't have it on Pokecheck though, guess I never put it there.

      Funny enough no one ended up needing this Modest Thundurus, but the Timid one I got to a few people who needed it, not too many though.
    14. NixHex
      It was a question bro.
    15. NixHex
      Does Kangaskhan get Guillotine?
    16. Drakiar
      Thanks, I'll try to do my best, and see what I can make of it ^^
    17. Drakiar
      Wow! Kaph, just wow!

      Is there a guide to put me in the right direction.. A I saw multiple method h..
    18. Drakiar
      Wild 3rd gen has been figured out? ;)
    19. KokoaKiwi
      I can REALLY trust you about my Guinea Pig, right? I've got some serious paranoid issues irl and trusting over the internet is just lol. Please, I beg of you.
      edit: i swear to god I'll leave you alone cause I know I'm annoyinh as butt, but please reply
    20. Mackenzie
      thanks, figured out i was using old versions of the rng reporter. I'm going to search from it and compare the results from there.
    21. Mackenzie
      um hi, id like to know how to determine the encounter slots for bcc abuse, an example for calculating the encounter slots using the equation "[number obtained via current frame + 1 latter 4 hex digits / 656; the usual process] would be helpful.
    22. Loukas
      I figured it was you:) Is there something that determines whether i get method 4 or method 1 spreads in fr/lg in wild pokemon? Most of the times it's method 1 but say i want to hit a method 4 spread is there a way to do that?
    23. NixHex
      don't stalk my vms
    24. GoldenBanana
      Thanks for clearing that up. I guess Alternate Inheritance isn't as rare in Ruby (at least) as it is in Emerald. My last two breeding projects were done through Alternate inheritance, and I had no trouble at all with the first one. That's why I was so convinced that inheritance and base IVs were separated by 3 frames.

      I think I ran into another Method with the latest project though. My egg hatched shiny and had the correct nature, so I know I hit the right frame. But I couldn't match the IVs at all, not with Split, Non-Split, or Alternate Inheritance. I only ran into it once though, and it was after I hit a Non-split spread on that frame a couple of times.
    25. NixHex
      I will continue to flood your VMs until you go on irc.
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