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Jul 5, 2010
Jun 9, 2010
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Jul 5, 2010
    1. SlimyGrimer
      GG dude, sry about the freeze, but I guess it made up for it by not paralyzing dragonite with tbolt GG
    2. solarflaregx
      GG anyway. Rotom is somehow powerful and has various type. Maybe u can give it a try.
    3. PoJ
      Yeah, that's my Lanturn for ya ;) It was originally a Starmie, to spin away rocks, but I discovered that I didn't need Starmie, it just attracted electric attacks that I had a hard time with, because of Starmie, Suicune, and Togekiss. Lanturn's volt absorb handles electric attacks easily, so if Lanturn needs to be healed, I send out Suicune, and switch back to Lanturn for recovery. It works very well. I just have a Swampert problem >_>

      Anyways, GG!
    4. Lester
      How about a fight? (OU)
      Nothing pokemon that is written in my signature though. xD
    5. Lester
      Believe me dude, they can do...really :D
    6. PoJ
      Hey, GG! That was such a close match. Good job.
    7. Spyral
      I keep forgetting about the swampert. I have a perfect Pert counter but I just don't use it. It also seems I get worse every time I battle you.
    8. Spyral
      Well unfortunately I think I might be trying a whole new team without Gyara which I'm pretty sad about but I just can't see a space for him what with Starmie in the team having a better coverage
    9. Spyral
      Ya see thats my big issue. I have Flagstick the Gyara who has SE over Bounce but Bounce is SOOOOO Versatile and if you watch a few of my battles you'll see how many times its saved my ass. I don't want to go ahead and get rid of Taunt or DD either as doing either on the switch has also proved useful. I guess the only way forward is to stop trying to predict my opponents predictions and just work on playing xD
    10. CrazyLeggs
      agreed between him and azelf i had all 3 but no time to use them = \ lol
    11. CrazyLeggs
      GG sir very fun game
    12. Spyral
      Hammered again, I really need to work on my team building...
    13. BarrydaChoppah
    14. mrmo1115
      ou? vm me.
    15. Fear The Pika
      Fear The Pika
      Hey, after this battle is over, don't leave Wifi, ok? I just want a look at that flygon which I could've sworn was Banded, though I could be wrong.
    16. Lester
      Nono,don't have fire blast. GG anyway.
    17. Lemonhead
      I think somethings up with my internet bro, can't connect to you. Try and battle someone else, I guess.
    18. SparkySparkyBoomMan
      gg. annoying game but gg
    19. SparkySparkyBoomMan
      wow dude that was bull lol
    20. SparkySparkyBoomMan
      Ill be waiting in the room
    21. kimarenchi
      sorry i have a battle right now
    22. ryo123ryo
      Sorry for all the hax it was just so gay.....
      But GG and GL with your next game.
    23. Radzinsky
      you only because dnite got critted. so BG
    24. RockinX
    25. RockinX
      Did you add my SoulSilver code? I can't see you.
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