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Ken Sical Ifreet
Last Activity:
Jan 12, 2011
Dec 17, 2009
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Not telling.

Ken Sical Ifreet

from Not telling.

Ken Sical Ifreet was last seen:
Jan 12, 2011
    1. JabbaTheGriffin
      the public demands the sequels to your post. i had to lock it as it is not a great discussion topic, but people want to read it. if you would like to add on, simply pm me the sequel and i will update the topic accordingly. thank you and sorry.
    2. Ramblin Wreck
      Ramblin Wreck
      It's good to see you back; I can't wait to see more innovative sets like Scarfzam.
    3. sharkz
      no attack scarfzam ftw
    4. Toaster
      I missed your amazing warstories. I think your last one should be archived to dedicate no attacks choice alakazam.
    5. Earthworm
      When you get around to it, it would be cool to see more warstories like your last one! Do you have a specific method that you use while team building? I would like to hear about it, if possible.
    6. Ken Sical Ifreet
      Ken Sical Ifreet
      I was serious, but I am working on other teams now. Name with a Gravity Theme.
    7. Thorns
      if you were joking I'm joking
      if you were serious, I'm still joking
    8. Thorns
      please teach me the ways of choiced alakazam with no attacks
    9. Flashstorm1
      Have you heard of a user named "Coldeye" by any chance?
    10. makiri
      Considering using the new and creative movesets thread for threads like that.
    11. Mike Legend
      Mike Legend
      Oh lol my bad I was very tired when I posted that.
    12. VKCA
      We literally learned that in ancient civ three days ago. Ironic.
    13. Fuzznip
      I don't think that's such a viable lead set to be honest. Jolteon functions very well as an agility passer, so I think you should make its moveset reflect that. for example, use a moveset of Agility/Baton Pass/Substitute/Thunderbolt with max Speed and SpA. that's one of the most common jolteon BP sets anyway
    14. Fuzznip
      well, if I did rewrite the guide, I probably have some experience with it :P
    15. Fuzznip
      why thank you :)
    16. VKCA
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    Want to be a great Trainer? Have an original thought and don't always rely on standard sets.


    Not telling.
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    Not telling.
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