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  • you do know names don't matter right? o.0

    But yeah if you insist, it's MAT. All capitals.
    Alright, thanks a lot! Haha, yeah I'll keep in touch. Most likely it should be Monday or Tuesday this week.
    1 - It's legit
    2- It's not flawless. lt's like... 30/14/16/31/30/17, l suppose. Already ev'd (252 spa, 252 spd), with seed flare, earth power, aromatherapy and leech seed.

    3 - Just let me know! I'd prefer now, but, l understand our conflicting schedules.

    l'll be ready any time after 12:30 mon-fri. l work the entirety of the weekends so it's not a great time.

    But yeah, just let me know when you're available.
    Uhh sure, umm can we do this on like tuesday or sme other day? You can have both. The 3rd one has a bad nature anyway. Your shaymin is real right? Lol. What's its IV? Is it untrained?
    So l can have them? l can give you the Shaymin. lt's not like l really want it anyway.
    What's the ev's and iv's of your Jirachi's? All three of them. l love Jirachi, you see.

    lf any of them are good, or hell, all three of them, i'll give you my timid Shaymin.
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