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Kevin Garrett
Jan 5, 2008
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Mar 18, 1991 (Age: 26)
Bergen County, NJ

Kevin Garrett

is a competitor, 26, from Bergen County, NJ

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Unless I'm wrong, which, you know, I'm not... Mar 17, 2016

    1. Kelsey
      it is too late for me =/ would 8-9PM (gmt+2) be ok for you?
    2. Kelsey
      hi we have to play for the sequels, when are you available? I am GMT+2
    3. Electrolyte
    4. Grey Knight
      Grey Knight
      They say you are the greatest player that you are too good for PS lol and you only play wifi matches it seems that you have more funs and fun boys than anyone around here
      i really wan't a battle with you i thought peaking the ladder was enough to get some
      recognition but then every one started talking about you how amazing you are.

      I challenge you into a pokemon battle ! tell me when you are available beating a guy like you is considered more important that peaking the ladder, by more than one person here lol.
    5. Blue Eon
    6. twash
      Not really, finished exams and broke up for summer today! Can't afford to go travelling Europe after going to Spain in April, so just kinda taking a month to chill here with friends before heading home for a month, feel like I need it after a very long year, never been so excited to just relax haha. How about you?
    7. twash
      Just reread thirty minutes

    8. twash

      (Not sure whether you're politically concerned or just don't know :P)
    9. twash
      can't play tomorrow/sunday and lost today (played bad...)

    10. TUO
    11. twash
      Definitely not Saturday. Possibly Friday and Sunday, not sure if I can do either let alone both.
    12. Harsha
      congrats on the longer e-penis :heart:
    13. twash
      my two pokes that could sweep got ruined... maybe not meant to be... :(

      The foe's Landorus used U-turn!
      NIGHT LIFE lost 2 HP! (0% of its health)
      NIGHT LIFE fainted!
      The foe's Landorus is hurt by its Life Orb!
      Uomo Solo called Landorus back!
      Uomo Solo sent out Terrakion!

      twash. sent out SHADY LOVE! (Landorus)

      Start of turn 7
      The foe's Terrakion used Stone Edge!
      A critical hit!
      SHADY LOVE lost 319 HP! (100% of its health)
      SHADY LOVE fainted!

      twash. sent out LIGHTS! (Keldeo)

      Start of turn 8
      LIGHTS used Hydro Pump!
      The attack of LIGHTS missed!

      The foe's Terrakion used Close Combat!
      A critical hit!
      LIGHTS lost 323 HP! (100% of its health)
      LIGHTS fainted!
      The foe's Terrakion's Defense fell!
      The foe's Terrakion's Sp. Def. fell!
    14. Furai
      trophy :)
    15. Zracknel
      Thank you for the shoutout :)

      Much appreciated, no thanks needed... congratulations on your team taking it all :)
    16. Ojama
      yah im in, just contact me on irc
    17. Lavos
      i only knew you as a good guy and respected battler. hope you had a nice bday
    18. kamrul7001
      seriously you like pokemon?
    19. DittoCrow
      happy birthday kg
    20. The Quasar
      The Quasar
      Happy Birthday!
    21. twash
      Past 21, past your prime.....

      Happy birthday buddy, hope you have a great one :)
    22. locopoke
      Happy Birthday
    23. Harsha
      Happy birthday big boss, have a good one!
    24. Farobi
      Happy birthday!
    25. cbt
      happy birthday kg!
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    Mar 18, 1991 (Age: 26)
    Bergen County, NJ
    My Characteristic:
    Strong willed
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