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Dec 3, 2016 at 12:34 AM
Aug 9, 2007
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July 3
Atlanta, GA


from Atlanta, GA

stop writing on my wall you jerk Jul 7, 2013

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Viewing thread The Everything NFL Thread - 2016-17 Season, Dec 3, 2016 at 12:34 AM
    1. some hero
      some hero
      Yeah i also have no clue what im doin
    2. some hero
      some hero
      Yeah i also have no clue what im doin
    3. some hero
    4. Killah
      murder :)
    5. JoshuaMunoz
      14 you creep D:
    6. JoshuaMunoz
      if only u knew~
    7. JoshuaMunoz
    8. Mercy
      Did you see that Seymour isnt going to sign unless Atlanta offers him more money? Greedy S.O.B. Im still hoping he signs. We did nothing to replace Vance Walker. Im also still hoping they sign a linebacker like Dansby or something. Its either that or Nick Clancy and/or Brian Banks become surprise contributors, and I doubt that's likely.

      As for some hero, that is probably the worst mock draft team I have ever seen.
    9. some hero
      some hero
      1: McCoy, LeSean (RB)
      2: Thomas, Demaryius (WR)
      3: Brady, Tom (QB)
      4: Nicks, Hakeem (WR)
      5: Romo, Tony (QB)
      6: Brown, Andre (RB)
      7: Smith, Torrey (WR)
      8: Myers, Brandon (TE)
      9: Bennett, Martellus (TE)
      10: Randle, Rueben (WR)
      11: Brown, Bryce (RB)
      12: Celek, Brent (TE)
      13: Hunter, Kendall (RB)

      Thoughts on this draft? Or should I go easier on the TEs?
    10. some hero
      some hero
      Calm down dude. Not everyone can be a sidekick like me. I can see into the future. Wtf ami even saying <_< this iswhat no football turnz me into.

      1 MO MONTH. Then Hard Knocks and preseason games. And mah burthday on august 17. So yeah just have to grind through damn july.

      Wirkd war z was a hige dissapp man. No gore or guts and not even attempting to be realistic. Plus pitt is too pretty :( so now im hoping wolverine is better than im expectin
    11. some hero
      some hero
      Aint nobody got time for this(looking thru our convo)

      See? Xbox fixed everything, as I(muthafucking ME) predicted. Wasnt even a big deal'o.
    12. some hero
      some hero
      Dude wtf, u told me u went to vgc events or somthin. Wearin pony shirts iirc.

      Also, its a pokemon site.
    13. some hero
      some hero
    14. some hero
      some hero
      angel bunny is really frickin funny. U sarcastic hipster

      So wat u thank? U lieks it? Or is your life not as tragic as mine to relate to such a cool song? I dont really follow artist, my ipod is just filled with random songs. Dont care about the artists really. I only really like eminem and queen. Eminem got me into music. U know as a brat u never thought about music or payed attention? Well lose yourself was my first favorite song. My first CD ever bought was the Ttitanic soundtrack though. I then boought all eminems cds up until the RE-Up or sonething. I never bought a queen cd but i have most of their songs. I dunno but its the only bands whose styles interests me. Most other artists i just like their one or two most popular songs.
    15. some hero
      some hero
      Like wut?

      Whens the last time u didnt use a pony picture?

      U liek How it Ends by devsomthin? The song from the gears 2 trailer LAST DAY. Ill always love gears cuz of this song. Its become oneof my favorites
    16. some hero
      some hero
      Sometimes i wish there were no divisions. I seriously HATE all division games for my favorite teams. Too much emotion. Plus good teams would lose less often to bad teams.
    17. some hero
      some hero
      U still fighting it huh? Just accept it. Saints too damn good. They are the nfc overlords
    18. some hero
      some hero
      The falcons are borin, 4-12 last place in da division
    19. some hero
      some hero
      lol hehe i gotz u hee i was jealous cuz i cold never get that score
    20. some hero
      some hero
      25-0??? I can totally picture a spartan with the trollface killin u. But eh 25-0 aint even hard.

      No, NO! U did not spend ur day in the wilderness! You cannot relate to someone as complicated as me damn it!

      But nintendoh is for lil kids(says the guy who plays yugioh)! Plus they dont got no rpgs :( or headshots :( and all their exclusives are just sequels of games with very simple, never changing mechanics :(
    21. some hero
      some hero
      Hehe but seriously, if it stays EXACTLY this way imma buy a ps4. But i doubt it and 'soft will come around as we reach novembah.
    22. some hero
      some hero
      After spending all day in the wilderness looking back at my past failures, ive made up mah mind. Not gunna buy the xbone if it stays like this. It hurts me soo much, saying this. But its true. The xbox i used to know is dead to me. I may have raised my crossed arms and shouted "xbox for life!" in the past but even my loyalty has limits. As much as its shocks you to hear that. It does. I cannot support microsoft in this decision. Theyve always known best, always cared about us the gamers but this time its too obvious their wallets are more important. Sure i always knew that was the case but i was able to sleep at night knowing that they were at least trying to hide it. Now their power has gone to their heads. They think they're untouchable. One of their spokespeople said "we'll let the consumers vote with their wallet"(or somethin, i forget). That made me so angry that i had to run away from my life and all my wordly possessions out of disgust. Everything i've known... A damn lie.. Damn it!
    23. YTP
      cod is obligatory on xbox :/

      basically any multiplayer game beside's EA's shooters.
    24. YTP
      talking about microsoft? lol.

      i own a ps2, enjoyed it for years. still own games for it. but i enjoy online games (microsofts strength) more than single player games (sony's strength). hell i own a ps3, but i only use it for bluray movies, might pick up TLOU if I get hyped enough for it.
    25. some hero
      some hero
      Speakin of le ol walmart, theres a place in da valley where i live where theres 2 walmarts right next to each other!!! Like id say 3 blocks. And then theres like 2 in the actual city of la. Soo dumb.

      But its spitting them in the face damn it! How long have u been playin it?

      How exactly does fallout 3 make ur head hurt? U play too long? Is the setting too depressing? First time i played it i could only play it for about 45 mins at a time cuz the setting WAS too much for me. Thise were some dark days for me so it didnt help i guess. But eh now i could play for days straight... If i you know, i had the chance to.
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