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Nov 28, 2015 at 8:19 PM
Aug 9, 2007
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Atlanta, GA


from Atlanta, GA

stop writing on my wall you jerk Jul 7, 2013

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Nov 28, 2015 at 8:19 PM
    1. some hero
      some hero
      i didnt even notice :( i checked the credits and theres like one person. Hehe as a yugioh playa i find that funy too

      Anyways, what do you think of scheme changes going into this year? Specifically affecting the best pass rusher in the league(Ware) and the second best DE the past couple of years(Trent Cole). I think its going to impact Trent Cole much more than it will Ware. DEs like him are always terrible when standing up. Ware on the other hand is a smaller DE but i trust the Boys to at some point use him like Von Miller. No way they will force him to keep his hand in the ground all the time. This could go horribly wrong both ways. I do feel bad for Ware because hes such a nice guy. Cole is too but ehh hate the eggs too much to care. How many of these changes can you remember that had the player be as good?

      Also JPP is still the best damn DE in the league. Like i remember, per game, there was like one or two running plays that worked against him. It got to a point where i forgot how runs towards the left looked. Tackles cant block him even with help. Too damn long. Against the run there is no one on defense as dominating, let alone another DE. As far as sacks, we all know thats an overrated stat. He had no LDE and no dominating DT. Thats why his sacks went way down. He still got more pressure than the year before but the sacks will never come when the center and guards are pushing the dts back on their butts. Then there is the deflected passes. Two years in a row he has 5+ and this year he even had a pick six. And not even on a deflected pass by another teamate that he caught and ran it back. No he saw it and stopped rushing, moved back a little and jumped at the right time. How many DEs can do that? Point is, people focus too much on the sacks. Jpp had a better year in 2012 than 2011 and is still the best 4-3 DE in the league.
    2. some hero
      some hero
      I was usin that website, just for some reason thought there was around 20 episodes. Im in episode 4 right now. I'm kind of glad they are just doing voiceovers on the series instead of creating them. That way we wont see things we cant unsee. U know what i mean? The quality is amazing. They even got real girls!
    3. some hero
      some hero
      Havent gone this year, so no im not. I do take a part time job as a mule when i do go tho.

      Is fiendship is witchcraft on yutube? How many episodes are there?
    4. some hero
      some hero
      I was bored and wanted to tell you about mah summer. The usual(damn wanted to type the UUUUU-SHHH, you know the USUAL but read that way. Cant spell it out), workin out during the summer so i can be in top physical shape to gain it back during football season.
    5. some hero
      some hero
      I knew there was a damn catch... Hehe.. I could see that as helpful actually. Because no way i could draw a whole actual play with blocking assignments and stuff.

      Peyton Manning is boring :(

      I hope so dood. Theres nothin else going on during the summer. U know ive never been to e3? Although i think its media only. My local gamestop dude went to last years but i didnt ask about that. My cousins live a couple minutes from the convention center... Not me i live in the san fernando valley. Its where most of the studios are at. A little northwest(i think) of la, over some mountains. Most of the valley is part of la. Some cities in it arent though. Like Burbank, which u might have heard of. My cousins live within walking distance of dodger stadium. Ewww. If the football stadium was built next to the lakers center, i could walk there from a home i could sleep in any time. Thats aeesome. The rest of mah famly lives in san francisco. Im always scared when i go there tho. Cause of earthquakes and San Frans weakness to it. Its super effective against the city. Havent gone to that prison yet. I go there a lot so im not in a tourist mindset. Otherwise i would have already checked it out. The gg bridge is the only landmark ive seen that uu know about. Dont know any others tbh tho. Vegas is a super hot and crappy city. Im not the partying OR gambling type so i go there for nuthin. San diego is crap too. And so is mexico. Thats all the places i go to in an average year. Im sure someone who doesnt live here would be able to describe these places a little better.
    6. some hero
      some hero
      Hehe i have no idea what their talkin bout hehe

      I'vve no idea why i thought it was call a wiiplus.. Wtf.. Anyways, like why does it even matter? Unless their for fun only plays? You won't be able to come up with better plays than the people who doit for a living. I dont see how you can draw them up during the middle of the game. Other than having one play with like the fb doing something different.

      You fool. This is bethesdas bread and butter. Also i am dying in anticipation for fallout 4. Fallout 3 is my favorite rpg man. I hope its as big a leap from oblivion to skyrim(even if oblivion was better at some things, fuck it never playing that crap again).
    7. some hero
      some hero
      U lied to me. Skyrim goty is out for teh xbox.

      Thats not even a pony anymore.

      On what system?dont tell me u owna wiiplus?
    8. some hero
      some hero
      lol maybe you can pick up the ladies there?? hehe you can be the sensitive guy. Heheh

      lol "rugged wildernesss"??? Wtf??? You probably just look lazy and dirty. EVERY MORNIN??? Thats insane dude. Im the same age as you, roughly, but i used to shave once a week. Found THAT too big of a hassle so started growin a beard. Or what im allowed to at least. I wont be able to grow a full, perfect ultimate beard until im 30 probably.
    9. some hero
      some hero
      Is the pony movie for deevadee? Would you, BY YOURSELF, go watch it in theaters? How bout a regular pony movie? I wouldnt. If challenged, yes, but not just cuz.

      U got beard? I trued growin one, but i cant grow a thick enough stache dammit. Stache doesnt connect to the beard. And no hair in that place where you griw the soul patch(i think is called). So basically just side burns and under the jaw. I always thought beards looked soo cool. Im going for that bum look. Hehe naw just kiddin im too regal to look like a bum.
    10. some hero
      some hero
      Is ur bro a brony? And if not, does he know ur one? Have you tried showing him the light?
    11. some hero
      some hero
      Privacy strengthens evil. Its a sacrifice i'm willing to make. For the greater good.

      I'm sure youll use it. Maybe not for games but it does look cool to control the home menu. Have you ever played a kinect game? Did you like it? You didnt like it because of all the physical movement or because its uses are so simple? Never used a kinect so wouldnt know. Where do you get all ur info from dood? I just saw a video and read an article about it so yeah. About the xbox one i mean.

      U own a mac??? Lol hahahehehoooohahaa

      Apples makes the best. Cept computahs.
    12. some hero
      some hero
      You sir make me sick. So short sighted.

      Ok, as a Nintendo fan you get angry at microsoft for forcing upon us a gimmicky control system? As a nintendo fan AND a computer nerd you care about how pretty the games can be??? Dude, if i cared about graphics and performance i wouldnt even use consoles. As long as it has hardcore games(stuff like GTA as opposed to the itunes store) i want gimicky stuff like kinect. Consoles will always be crappier computers so stuff like that makes em better. Just so u know, i dont own a kinect thingy but if it comes with it the better.

      Also, not much of a computer guy tbh. I use one the size of a small car on a regular basis though so i know consoles will never compare.

      Do u know why we gotta install the games btw? The used games thing IS stupid but ill wait until i learn more.
    13. some hero
      some hero
      What didnt you like about it? I think its pretty cool.
    14. some hero
      some hero
      I also play fable tvm hehe

      But yeh Nintendoh has the best exclusives

      Wat yall think of teh new xbox?
    15. YTP
      Heh that's actually really neat
    16. some hero
      some hero
      But seriously, ps3 has god of war... Which i can play in ma computah... Thats the only game on ps3 that even mildly interests me.

      Nintendo is NIN-tehn-DOH. A joke and not worthy of being a power in the console wars.
    17. some hero
      some hero
      Are you serious??? Why i thought better of you i have no idea. XBOX FOR LIFE!
    18. some hero
      some hero

      Just a short lil clip of the show. Its pretty funny.

      Hehehehehehehe I get it now. Such class!

      I thought u wre and xbox fan no matter what they do?? you ever played a ps3? I touched a ps3 controller once in my life. phuck ps3
    19. some hero
      some hero
      I dunt get it :(

      Just saw the first 3 episodes of Eastboound & down(the HBO series). Its really good. It like Bad News Bears only the main character is a bigger douche. I always loved these type of main characters and am enjoying Kenny Powers.

      U excited for the new xbox? Might be the first system i ever buy at launch. Not wait days in line for it, but a week or two after its released. I got the 360 a year after it came out. Or when gears 1 was released. Not sure when that was tho. How i dont miss gears 1 man.
    20. JoshuaMunoz
    21. some hero
      some hero
      I was about to renounce my title of brony and move on with my life until I saw that it was a movie. As a series I couldn't watch it. mostly because it would have included the r word. romance. I hate romance in stuff I read/watch unless it doesn't drive the plot and its just background info on a character. like hes/shes married. hate it hate it hate it. that's why I liked my lil pony. cuz guys weren't the main characters interest. and they shouldn't be. but this is all from a ttrailer... lets just hope it stays a movie man.
    22. JoshuaMunoz
      Hello. Why did you ask why? Did I do anything wrong? D:
    23. some hero
      some hero
      Also whats a wiiu?? Hehe
    24. some hero
      some hero
      What do you mean dead? I play with fellow geartarts all the time ? I never play Koth dude. Cant rember the last time i did. Horde and TDM(quick) alll daaa waaaay. Anyways, gears 1, JD, 2 and then 3. Thats my lost. Cannot play gears 1 right now. Cannot doit. Too crappy. Gears 2 would be perfect were it not for lee laaag. Stillprefer it over JD.

      Lol i remember my first madden game too. Against the computah, all hail marys and then hail marys to scramble with the QB. Dude, ur game sounds nuthin lkke mah game. It sounds like u werent even trying and u even let the dude catch up. I was trying my hardest and barely won that game damn it. Get outta here yah here?

      Fosters what? 25??? But i said before, Foster just had a great OL. Nothing incredible. Hehe i also find it funny how Reid said he used McCoy too much in 2011 lol
    25. some hero
      some hero
      No it means you suck hehehe but for realz, its alright in some situations... Eh not really it suxs. Stickin to the hologram for now on. All the semi autos are broken man. I just dont have the hands to use them properly. Or dont practice enough i guess. And no i hadnt noticed it got a buff. I thought i was just that good :( im a noob at halo so yeah i dont really know a lot. Halo multiplayer is the funnest i think of gears, madden, call of booty and whatever other game i play. Im always laughin or similin. Its just fun. Also, halo 4 was the second halo ive watched all cutcebes on and the story sucked. Master chief is cool enough, ive known that for a while, but cortana is gay. The main story missions were all booring and i cant even remember them anymore. I may not remember much about halo 2, but some parts of the story i will always come back to. Like this one part where a bunch of zombies attacked you while alone and i was using those two human guns. The human version of the plasma rifle. The black one you can dual wield. I just remember i was like in a giant room and fought a bunch of zombies and used like 600 bullets. And halo 3 when i escaped at the end. How many people still play halo 3?

      Ive come to terms with gears JD. Its a mediocre game but part of the gears family. Change happens... Gears 3 is, until gears 4(or somthin) is released, the perfect gears game. It will be my goto gears game to play mutiplayer on.

      I remember my first madden game. Online i mean. Eggs vs giants. Score was 20-22. With me winning of course. Eli was 5-11 passing for like 290~ yards with 4 INTs and i had like 40 rushing yards. My punter scored a passing TD. Eli was sacked 9 times. The games tied at 14-14 in the 4th Q. I scored a TD and went for a 2 point conversion. With like 30 seconds my OPP scored a TD but i stuffed McCoy in his attempt. Epic stuff.

      Currently, im playin(excluding multiplayer only games) Fable 3, Overlord and Portal 2. Just passin cheap games(portal 2 was $34 tho). You played portal 2? Its really funny.

      Im not sayin hes not great. He might get to 1300 yards, but i doubt it man. Whens the last time a RB has put two amazing years together?? I realize its crazy to think hell go for 2000 yds again, but even 1500 is a little high. His runs were all fluky. But im counting on the hype though as i dont plan on getting him. Ive always been an AP supporter, before last year i even told you i had him as a top 5 RB even with the injury, but i think McCoy is the best RB in the league after this year. That thing he does is scary. Where he stops so fast and goes the other way. I see that a skill that will allow him to put up consistent numbers. AP on the other hand outran defenses he flukely got behind of. Also, Peyton was WORTH IT DAMN IT.
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