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Aug 9, 2007
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stop writing on my wall you jerk Jul 7, 2013

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Nov 24, 2017 at 9:22 AM
    1. some hero
      some hero
      What do you mean dead? I play with fellow geartarts all the time ? I never play Koth dude. Cant rember the last time i did. Horde and TDM(quick) alll daaa waaaay. Anyways, gears 1, JD, 2 and then 3. Thats my lost. Cannot play gears 1 right now. Cannot doit. Too crappy. Gears 2 would be perfect were it not for lee laaag. Stillprefer it over JD.

      Lol i remember my first madden game too. Against the computah, all hail marys and then hail marys to scramble with the QB. Dude, ur game sounds nuthin lkke mah game. It sounds like u werent even trying and u even let the dude catch up. I was trying my hardest and barely won that game damn it. Get outta here yah here?

      Fosters what? 25??? But i said before, Foster just had a great OL. Nothing incredible. Hehe i also find it funny how Reid said he used McCoy too much in 2011 lol
    2. some hero
      some hero
      No it means you suck hehehe but for realz, its alright in some situations... Eh not really it suxs. Stickin to the hologram for now on. All the semi autos are broken man. I just dont have the hands to use them properly. Or dont practice enough i guess. And no i hadnt noticed it got a buff. I thought i was just that good :( im a noob at halo so yeah i dont really know a lot. Halo multiplayer is the funnest i think of gears, madden, call of booty and whatever other game i play. Im always laughin or similin. Its just fun. Also, halo 4 was the second halo ive watched all cutcebes on and the story sucked. Master chief is cool enough, ive known that for a while, but cortana is gay. The main story missions were all booring and i cant even remember them anymore. I may not remember much about halo 2, but some parts of the story i will always come back to. Like this one part where a bunch of zombies attacked you while alone and i was using those two human guns. The human version of the plasma rifle. The black one you can dual wield. I just remember i was like in a giant room and fought a bunch of zombies and used like 600 bullets. And halo 3 when i escaped at the end. How many people still play halo 3?

      Ive come to terms with gears JD. Its a mediocre game but part of the gears family. Change happens... Gears 3 is, until gears 4(or somthin) is released, the perfect gears game. It will be my goto gears game to play mutiplayer on.

      I remember my first madden game. Online i mean. Eggs vs giants. Score was 20-22. With me winning of course. Eli was 5-11 passing for like 290~ yards with 4 INTs and i had like 40 rushing yards. My punter scored a passing TD. Eli was sacked 9 times. The games tied at 14-14 in the 4th Q. I scored a TD and went for a 2 point conversion. With like 30 seconds my OPP scored a TD but i stuffed McCoy in his attempt. Epic stuff.

      Currently, im playin(excluding multiplayer only games) Fable 3, Overlord and Portal 2. Just passin cheap games(portal 2 was $34 tho). You played portal 2? Its really funny.

      Im not sayin hes not great. He might get to 1300 yards, but i doubt it man. Whens the last time a RB has put two amazing years together?? I realize its crazy to think hell go for 2000 yds again, but even 1500 is a little high. His runs were all fluky. But im counting on the hype though as i dont plan on getting him. Ive always been an AP supporter, before last year i even told you i had him as a top 5 RB even with the injury, but i think McCoy is the best RB in the league after this year. That thing he does is scary. Where he stops so fast and goes the other way. I see that a skill that will allow him to put up consistent numbers. AP on the other hand outran defenses he flukely got behind of. Also, Peyton was WORTH IT DAMN IT.
    3. some hero
      some hero
      I always thought the SHIELD was the best ability followed closely by the Promethean Vision. Or xray??? But after tedting the hologram, it is the best ability. It works even after a loong slayer ffa(i miss just callin it slayer) when everyone knows im just spamin a hologram. I, until u told me, never used anything but the assault rifle(or the noob gun/the halo 3 one with 32 bullets). I'm more of a closer combat and it fits my playin style. I almost always lose to the battle rifle if they are semi far away though. Which is why i prefer to stay in the caves in 8 vs 8 slayer(my favorite gametype). I did try the battle rifle and need to get used to it. Too many gametypes too, spreads the playerbase too thin. I wish the battle rifle was taken out. In slayer ffa thats all everyone uses. It becomes more obvious there cuz its a smaller map and u fight a lot.

      You don't like draftin backups?? Cuz u think several ok qbs will go undrafted anyways right? I wouldn't draft AP this year over Lynch or Foster or Charles. What are the odds he has another season that great?? Well he doesnt need to but i think hell be average this year. The vikes will probably go 5-11 tbh. Why u got richardson so high? Is it just you or is this how its trending right now? Wasn't impressive at all last year(cept if you saw his games. The dude was scary vs the giants) so im hopin hes not the sixth rb taken. Cuz lol i wouldnt take him that high. Ok, he might earn that spot but i want him looower!
    4. some hero
      some hero
      But Eli :( Romo is priority number 1, Lesean Mcoy at rb, Hakeem Nicks at wr(blah blah I LOVE NICKS DAMN IT! Not sure how high he is going to get drafted at so ill probably reach like hell for him) dont gotz a te though. Rhey all seem the same to me. And im interested in the bucs defense this year. How hyped is it already? Also keeping my eye on Phil Rivers cuz i may hate him but i think hes the perfect backup. I dont know what the hype around him is though.

      You play Halo 4 right? How good are u at it? Whats the best ability?
    5. Mercy
    6. some hero
      some hero
      Hehe xD dont worry, OP is not so much about surprises and its draw is not whats going to happen next, its the actual journey. Its the experience. Knowing the characters name is not a big deal. Going through adventures with the Strawhats is the important part. Most shonen have the main character try to achieve 1 goal(Naruto:become hokage, here, get one piece). Or so it seems. Later kn you realize the main character just wants to be free and go places and experience new stuff. Freedom, the most freedom, is Luffys main goal.

      U talkin about One Piece or real life??? In One Piece, Blackbeard is a pirate looking for One Piece. The treasure left by Gold Roger. The treasure that will make the finder the Pirate King. Blackbeard is awesome cuz he is exactly like Luffy. In EVERY way but one. Instead of freedom he wants power. I call him Dark Luffy. He grows as the series goes on. From a nobody to the strongest pirate in the world(not confirmed, still in early second half, but its obvious to everyone and their mums this guy is the final villain)
    7. some hero
      some hero
      You care about spoilers????

      Actually theres only 1 spoiler IN THE ENTIRE SERIES. The video does include the part.... And now that i said THAT youd figure it out by chapter 400 anyway. If you dont want to spoil yourself don't watch the last 3 minutes. They're nat that good anyways. EDIT: i may be giving u too much credit hehe(talkin about the figure out by chapter 400 thingy)

      Do you think you'd care seeing how the villains get destroyed before you hate them? Because other than the spoiler above, seeing the main villains get destroyed is all this video has. Up to you there.
    8. some hero
      some hero

      Hey, watch this video about One Piece. Its the first half(around 600 chapters) in 10(14 actually) minutes. The video brings tears to my eyes since i went through all those adventures together with the Strawhats.. You might just see fast moving pictures and loud noise. The color of the character speaking:

      Intro Red: Gold Roger(made pirates popular. Strong. His treasure is called One Piece. Gets killed early in the vid)

      Strawhat Pirates:
      RED: Luffy(main Character)
      Green: Zoro(Luffys 1st mate/second strongest in the crew. Also the badass)
      Dark Blue: Sanji(blond haired dude in suit;chef)("owner zeff: sanjis teacher/saved his life)
      Light Orange: Nami(chick with ORANGE hair, navigator)
      Yellow: Ussop(the sniper, weakest member, guy wih long nose)
      Pink: Chopper(the raindeer/doctor)
      Purple:Robin(chick who screams i wanna live/historian in the crew)
      Light Blue: Franky(the guys whose butt is shown, also a shipwright)
      Grey: Brook the skeleton(musician)

      Honorary Strawhat:
      Super Light Blue: Vivi(chick with blue hair; useless princess)
      Dark green: Waipa(native american lookin dude with wings)
      Yellow(late in the video): Ace(luffys brosicle, the "arigato" guy)

      Bad guys:
      Sandy color: Crocodile(dude with the hook, is made out os sand)
      Yellowish/kinda sandy too(after Croc is beaten when luffy/zoro are being beat up): Bellamy(weak pirate who laughs at romanticism, gets beat by luffy a couple seconds later)
      Black: Blackbeard(fat dude sitting there rambling. Final bad guy in the series)
      White: random character
      Suuper super light blue: Enel( the skinny guy that gets kicked by luffy; has no shirt on; is made out of electricity and has a god complex. Transformed into a giant made out of electricity in last ditch effort to win, is the thing Luffy hits with that golden ball)
      White(later on in the vid): Sengoku(a marine)

      On he part Zoro touched that orb thing:

      It was pure fatigue/pain. He took it so that giant bear looking dood(if you cant see him, dont matter) wouldnt kill his captain.

      Also tbh i only enjoyed up to around 7 min. Everything after that is sped up.
    9. some hero
      some hero
      My favorite game of all time is Resident Evil 4. Bought it on the 'cube, sold the 'cube do didnt get to pass it. Bought a PS2 and passed it there. Passed it on a friends Wii. Bought another 'cube(this was before the wii my bad) and passed it there. Got it for the computer(illegally of course) passed it there. And now i have it in my Xbox and play it once in a while. So yeah favorite game of all time. Anyways, Resident Evil 5 was cool but it felt like gears of war tbh. RE6 is crap. So when i first played Dead Soace, i was like omgee this is Resident Evil 4 IN MUTHAFUDGING SPACE. Same controls and similar mood. Different weapons and setting obviously. But i see it as a sequel to RE4. Same with Dead Space 2. Havent played the third though. Thats why i love dead space. Its just RE4 with prettier graphics.

      I heard if that game. I am always intimidated by JRPGs length though. I remembah a while back, mah homie let me borrow Final Fantasy 12 and his memory card. I played the game for about 3 hours and i was like "phew i hope im almost done". Then i made the mistaje of loading his profile... 100 hours and hadnt passed the game. I quit right there. Seeing the time it takes traumatized me. And yes i know thats less time ive spent on pokemon, re4 or gears but two of those dont keep track and the other was an honor.
    10. some hero
      some hero
      You played Blue Dragon for the Xbox? Or dead space 2???

      Know of any good rpgs for the xbox? Excluding, fabled, elder scrolls, fallout, mass effect, guild wars(or was it dragon wars?), or anything TOO mainstream. Cuz i probably played it. Want a game to play :( the profile where i was playin dead space 2 gotz deleted :( have to start all over again. And its a horror game :( so im not too enthuastic about it
    11. some hero
      some hero
      Haha i twas just kiddin man, your not rude. Vulgar is the better word. But hey, i dont hold it against ye, not everyone can be as sophisticated and high class as me. Remember when i asked you if you played bioshock cuz u had "would you kindly" under your username? And you said it was "would you kindly suck a bag of dicks"? Such vulgarity!! A gentleman would never say such things! *typing this while on computer in nothing but panties eating macdonalds* hehe but i know you are a vain person and u need me to say it, so whateffs ur a cool dood. I can definitley see how my little pony has affected you as u are pretty friendly around these parts.

      My lil pony didnt really affect me at all. Its basically the okama way. Just gave me a new title and made me even more SUUUU~PER! <<<<from One Piece>>>>

      Sure, One Piece is a lifestyle! You shouldnt expose yourself to it unless you are ready to dive into the madness. Nah just kiddin its not that crazy.
    12. some hero
      some hero
      Now that youve converted me into a brony, i need to convert you into an okama(japanese slang for crossdesser)

    13. some hero
      some hero
      That suxs :( i dont wanna pay fur nuthin. Have you seen it? By outragous, do you mean 9.99, 19.99, 29.99 or more than that? Is it online or deeveedee?

      When i first met you i thougt you were the scum of the earth xD but after talkin to you(which was hard at first, considering how rude you were) i realized u were a normal doid. So i dont think ur the scum of anything anymore, if that helps. But no dammit, im proud of being a brony and love the term. Friendship and magic 4 ever!

      Yeah the second one is insane. I cant tell its "fanmade" at all!! Havent checjed the lyrics so i dont kniw if it repeats itsekf at some point.. Cuz 6 minutes is a looooong time. I liked the first one too. Both are the type of songs i like. I said it before, the relationship between luna and Cel gets my attention. Its so sad!
    14. some hero
      some hero
    15. some hero
      some hero
      Where can i watch this brony documentary?? So you dont liek being called a brony? Your too kewl for that too?? Are you the only one or are there a bunch like you that hate the name? Ok, you lostme in hipster pony but not irl hipster. Does that mean that if you were a piny youd be a hipster? As for music i like anything that sounds sad. Best way to describe it. Nothing too upbeat. For example, one of my favorite songs is sandi pattis rendition of the star spangled banner. I also like listening to violin and the piano.
    16. some hero
      some hero
      Saw the videp. Why did that line stand out to yah? If i hadnt been waiting for it would have pass right by mah face.

      Your a hipster??? Thick glasses without the glass for no reason?? Im too not cool to be a hipster. Im the middle one. And i dont like techno :( which is why i havent really liked any
      Fanmade songs yet(although i havent been lookin for songz much). What was that video??? It had actors from the show and the quality was AMAZIN.
    17. Zukai
      why, you send annoying messages then expect me to accept your friend request, sorry
    18. Zukai
      are you retarded?
    19. Zukai
      what? i never said anything to you
    20. some hero
      some hero

      But dude, ive been watchin utibe videos about pony stuff and i am proud of being a brony now. Also, are you a hipster, i forget the second or a creative brony?
    21. some hero
      some hero
      lol how did you come up with that term??? Did you read it somewhere or something?

      I am proud to be a brony dammmit!!!
    22. YTP
      I REALLY liked the 7th round picks, especially Motta.

      Motta is a 6'2 safety that I think the coaches will use as the "big nickel" on defense. He is a thumper and is good in coverage too. His 40 time was the only reason he dropped to the seventh, but he plays much faster than a 4.8 or whatever he ran.
    23. YTP
      Yeah he was originally the starter for Stanford but he got hurt

      He needs to work on his using his body to his advantage and his catching technique, both things that Tony G can help him with
    24. YTP
      Love Stansly Maponga

      All of his highlights are him destroying people
    25. YTP
      Im so mad
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