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Jul 1, 2015 at 11:09 PM
Aug 9, 2007
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stop writing on my wall you jerk Jul 7, 2013

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    1. some hero
      some hero
      Hehehe, Falcons be havin a meh draft.

      An told ya, Giants would go crazy with DTs this offseason. So far falcons 6.5 giants 8. Although half of those points is the second round pick.
    2. YTP
      TD just got a D grade

      Alford is a good player but he passed on Warford, and JESSE WILLIAMS
    3. YTP
      :'( all my favorite players are gone
    4. YTP


    5. YTP
      I thought Hopkins to the Texans was great, and the Pats stealing all the Vikings lunch money was cool too
    6. YTP
      Use it to get Gurley or Yeldon :'(
    7. YTP
      Well there you go. We have our choice of A. Brown, Trufant, Floyd, Patterson, Rhodes, Wener, Carradine, and.... Gulp Te'O
    8. YTP
      I give up

      I'm starting to fear that Manti Te'O will fall to us and we take him, I would withdraw my fan card if it happened.
    9. YTP
      Lol saints good pick but passing on Jones and Floyd for him? Nahhh
    10. YTP
      Some goooood players are dropping. Most notably Floyd, Jones, Werner, Trufant, Rhodes and Brown. Also if we want to go juggernaut mode we can take Patterson
    11. YTP
    12. YTP
      I don't want Miliner, so I hope they wouldn't
    13. YTP
      Don't lie, you thought that was us too
    14. YTP
      Has to be... No one else is worth a 27 spot trade. Hopefully the the two OTs go first.

      I think Nolan will be able to do some crazy things with a player like Jordan. I'd hate for us to trade up and get Miliner. I'd rather us stay at 30 and take Jamar Taylor CB Boise (Newly Certified YTP Baller)
    15. YTP
      Dear god

      Sources saying Falcons and Raiders in very serious talks about a trade up in the first round.
    16. some hero
      some hero
      Sorry, sooory i just got a lil lazy(not really since i put more effort into typing that way). But you know, i follow the teachins of this one famous dude who basically said that it didnt matter how crappyli u wrote, the mesage is what counts. Heje or something liek that and im not just twistin his words so i dont have to pay attention to spellin at all. And tbh it doesnt even apply to what i do. I just like to fool myself it does and misspell at will. whateffs alright??? I just took his idea, misinterpreted it and now im rollin wit it. Long story short, i don't put a lot of value into big words or care about misspellins/jibberish in general.

      Thanks dude, now i remember. I was confused because i forgot about Scootaloo completing the piramid.... SO I WAS RIGHT??? Everyone was jeleous that their favorite piny was not number 1 pony??? Uh excusme, but what flaw does Rarity have??? She is perrfect. No flaws whatsoever. But i guess, whats going to happen in season 4(even though i don't think TSparklezs' need to learn about friendship was the drivin force in the last 2 seasons.. Yea yeah, at the end of each episode she sent a letter to Cel tellin her how shes grown, but in season 3 they go rid of that and the other ponies were the ones learning NEW things. Hinting that friendship keeps evolving and lessons will always be there to be learned)?

      Sorry dude, broncos had(before the 2012 season started) the 2nd hardest schedule hehe. Plus peyton manning so i dont connect the dots here. Dude, remember when i told ya that if the Falcons beat the eggs they would collapse?? I was soo right!!! Also, havent told ya this but when the Charger-Bronco game happened, my brother quit at half time... BUT I TOLD HIM that they were gunna make a comeback. And they did. I cannot believe that happened even to this day. I also rember when the texans were scarry.

      Also, do you think the giants are going to go 14-2 like i do??? :(
    17. YTP
      The only hope is that Sjax manages to remain a major improvement over Turner and Frank Gore hits a sharp decline this season.
    18. DrRobotnik
      Oh, no, Arceus invited me to live on his planet.
    19. YTP
      This draft is gonna be a mess.

      Rumors that we are trading up to take just about every non offensive prospect, teams reaching for QBs, jets screwing up everything...twice. San Fran stealing all the good players. Fans wanting Honey Badger :'(
    20. some hero
      some hero
      Dont dey discover their talents in the episode when they try to do sumthin for tge school talent show??? Wrlell tech'lly THEY dont discover their talents, but we the viewers and TSparklez do.

      Why was it such a big deal? Cuz everybody wanted their favorite piny to be teh number 1 pony??? Makes perfect sense imo. But thats probli cuz i saw it comin.

      I giess the abridged series would be good riiight now. And moar rarity stuff is always welcomed. And fyi, i have no idea what you are talking about. Youre just throwin words at mah face and i have no clue wat they mean.

      Hey... Isnt that the logic falcon haters used against the falcons?? NFC East(2 free wins), AFC West(3!!! Stupid free wins) plus 2 free wins against their ranking opponents(Cardinals and Lions). I see a lot of free wins there. Plus the falcons struggled against most of those teams. Im no hater but the logic does work for the falcons too.
    21. some hero
      some hero
      I just youtubed the hush now song... and it was TEH-reee-bleh. Liked it waaaay better the way Fluttershy was singing it. So still not convinced. And yes I doubt your pony knowledge cuz you wont tell me what episode that was! where they discover their talents. so I think you be scared!

      What about the last episode? it was meh. Not as good as season 2s finalee. I like TSparkle now and wasn't jeleous that she gets to be number 1 pony instead of Miss Rarity.. but that's about it. Also, it felt a lot like a series finalee for sum reacon.

      You do realize that despite no running game, a terrible OL, a crap defense they still won 11 games?? Rodgers is the best QB in the league and by a mile. When hes on fire hes unstoppable and apparently is worth 10 games(a ridiculous number). There will be 2~3 games this season where no matter what the other team does, they won't stop Rodgers. So yeah, I still would place the Pack over the 49ers and Hawks.. prob the best team in the NFC if they umm help out Rodgers. The 49ers.. how I hate them. only other NFC, Non NFC-EAST team I can't stand. They will win 10 games unless they are hit by injuries... like all other teams. Hehe I find it a lil funny you have the Falcons in the top 5. Dunno why.... it could be cuz ur usually so modest about that kinda stuff.
    22. some hero
      some hero
      Im pretty sure Aple Bloom is the singer. In an episode recently where Scootaloo was scared while camping, SBelle started singing and it was horrendous. Too lazy to check back on the episode where they show their skills though. So we will never know i guess.

      But anyways.... After 3 hours of nuthin but pony.... Pausing for dramatic efffect... Wait fooor IT... I AM DONE WITH SEASON 3!!!! WHOOOOOOO!!! I did it!!! Now i feel nostalgia thinkin bout season 1. Wanna watch episode 1 all over again hehe. My heart is now full of love and friendship and magic! Unlike yours you vulgar person.

      The movie(after googlin it) is called Ichi the Killer. Soorry for mah conFUSION. Also, i have the Sundance chanel. So yeah.

      Whoah, i think the 13-3 is gettin into ur head. Top 5 team in the league??? Maybe NFC, and thats pushin it. Haha i kid i kid. Although ive never heard you beeing so blunt about the falcons before. Did i make you angry with the saints stuff?? Hehe i kid i kid. Butt, now the Bucs went from having a horrendous secondary to possibly the best in one offseason. Just wanted to bring it up, cuz yeah.
    23. TheMantyke
    24. TheMantyke
    25. TheMantyke
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