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    1. Mr.Mister
      I'll let you into team nova, but i will keep an eye on you. I'm suspisious as this is a time of war, and you are active in our enemy Team, Team Aero.
    2. PokemonLeagueChamp
      You, obviously. R&D has been high security for a while now, because there's always someone trying to steal all our tech. As your true allegiances remain unclear, I can't afford any risk.
    3. PokemonLeagueChamp
      Not another infiltrator....
    4. PokemonLeagueChamp
      We didn't buy all our equipment on credit, you know. If you agree to publish your findings to Aero and its allies(Magma and SSIS), I can fully fund your work.
    5. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Ohhhhhhhhhhh............I had my mind on other things. I believe that it is amazing!!! With your technology, my reasearch, the SSIS's information, Magma and TRC's funding, I will be nearly unstoppable!!!!!!!!!!!! My first task is a small one: get rid of those tiny trees that a -6 atk Charmander could cut down. So many trainers never start out well because thay cannot find Cut. After that, I'll let the future decide.
    6. PokemonLeagueChamp
      I thought the question was self-explanatory enough.
      What do you think about our science program?
    7. PokemonLeagueChamp
      So what do you think?
    8. PokemonLeagueChamp
      Did you really need to spam every thread about your radioactive Wheezing?
    9. Artemus Moniz
      Artemus Moniz
      What would you have in mind?
    10. PokemonLeagueChamp
      You seem to be very interested in the scientific aspect of things. Where do your allegiances lie?
    11. BattleStar
      Cool you have all the legendary Pokemon DNA! donate it to TRC.
    12. Typhloterra
      Sure. It will be awhile before I finish it because I have several other requests. I get it to you ASAP.
    13. BattleStar
      It just so I knowyour skills and what you can do.
    14. BattleStar
      No Problem. Happy for you to join :)
    15. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      already done. Thanks for the invite:)
    16. BattleStar
      I actually think that is released.

      Also how about you go introduce your self to the Team :)
    17. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      Ok, I have the same problem with my Encourage Nidoking >>
    18. BattleStar
      Sure. But it is hacked. Contrary Serperior has not been released yet, I think.

      Just make sure to be active in the group.
      Post your request to get more people to help.

      Also if you can tell your friends to join and try not to join other Teams. Some of them are just insane.
    19. King Serperior
      King Serperior
      I am looking forward to this and I already have request for a pokemon: Contrary Serperior with max speed and sp. attack, and a Modest nature (Leaf Storm, HP Rock, Glare, and Giga Drain). I have one that I got from a friend, but my game will not let me do wifi random battles with it, so I think that it is hacked:( Think someone can help me?
    20. BattleStar
      Well I am glad you care enough to ask.
      We are Team Rocket Cooperation. We are a organization that is founded on Pokemon Battles. We have Tournies, GiveAways, Battle Help, a chat room, people who create personal sets if you ask, and a lot more.
      I think it's a pretty nice group
      Are you looking for something in it?
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