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Sep 15, 2011
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Dec 31, 1992 (Age: 24)
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I am an Andalite Bandit!
    1. Houndoomsday
      I have an open slot if you want to do Yamna vs. Scizor :3
    2. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      -my deck has won a YCS
      -my deck is now BANNED by all US tournaments, due to "slow play"
      -my deck has no counters
    3. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      Meh, that sucks
      THIS deck is just as slow, but there is NOTHING the opponent can do. Why? Because its the first turn of the game.
    4. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      haha. It uses the Gishkis, and it creates an infinite loop that causes your opponent to lose 1-3 card every loop (via one day of peace and hand destruction) and you to keep plussing slowly. recycling 5 cards every time you loop. Its really evil, as it takes a good 20 minutes for you to win
    5. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      Stall/Mill? Bitch please, I am the king of stall/mill.

      I INVENTED the legendary Gishki Mill-out FTK
    6. Dark Pulse
      Dark Pulse
      things are good

      Stuff is better tho
    7. Jimera0
      Hey I think I'll be recording a scramble within an hour or so, so you might want to pop into #OrangeIslands so you know when I'm going to start!
    8. Houndoomsday
      Done! Thanks! :D
    9. Unitas
      No problem. I will probably get it up somewhere around 12 or so today
    10. Bec
      Thanks :3
    11. Goddess Briyella
      Goddess Briyella
      omg this looks complicated :[ i'm not really used to the forums yet either
    12. Goddess Briyella
    13. Goddess Briyella
    14. Goddess Briyella
      Goddess Briyella
      I am a LC player and voice from Pokemon Showdown :) what about you?
    15. Jimera0
      NotAgain has actually been a consistently useful member of my team and I just got my 7th badge :P, looks like he didn't turn out nearly so horrible as you thought he would.

      I discuss all the details on my emerald scramble's home post, just check that out.

      And I'm ALREADY a mentor, it's not to achieve anything extra on the site (everyone agreed that no badges were to come of this), it's just so I can get some practice teaching people, and also because I like helping people out with stuff. The Mentor lable is really easy to get if you have a badge anyway, you just have to make an application. However you do need a badge to become one.
    16. The Wanderer
    17. Jimera0
      Good, though I'll admit my scramble presence has been somewhat sporadic myself :P. Big new thing on here for me is the Mentoring program, I've been taking to that like a duck to water. I'm actually going to tutor some high school kids in real life soon so it's good practice for me.

      BTW I'm going to start up video updates for my Emerald Scramble again. Well kind of, they're actually going to be livestreams(kinda) using G+ Hangouts which I'll upload after the fact. You should join the next one, I know you'll have fun actually talking with me as I play!
    18. Jimera0
      The Scramble thread misses you. And get Axmaster back too gdi :P
    19. Matezoide
      Take your time, my friend.
    20. Someoneelse
      Sure, whatever. Wynaut?
    21. Someoneelse
      Good luck to you also, and let this battle be as close as the last.
    22. Houndoomsday
      Fixed, sorry for that!
    23. MissVulpix
      lol, it's actually SHODAN from System Shock 2, which is the spiritual predecessor of Bioshock
    24. The Wanderer
      The Wanderer
      Taking your fight with ZT. Let's see those mons!
    25. Axmaster68
      Hey it's been a while, AP exams suck XD I have literally almost no time until the end of May. Hopefully I'll start to pop on more then. Just wanted to stop by and say hi :D
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    Dec 31, 1992 (Age: 24)
    Home page:
    I am an Andalite Bandit!
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    Highly curious
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