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Apr 20, 2014
Dec 28, 2011
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Apr 20, 2014
    1. DR4G0Nx
      Why yes ^_^ but at 7 because im going to church at 6 (asian tradition for chinese new years)
    2. LordDragonite
      Yes. I want to battle you.
    3. DR4G0Nx
    4. DR4G0Nx

      i have been making this archeops set that ive been dreaming of :p
      please try it :)

      Archeops (jolly) evs 252 atk 252 speed 4spdef *power herb*

      -Sky Attack
      -Head Smash/Stone Edge

      Sky attack activates the power herb , and yes it can learn sky attack, does an INSANE AMOUNT OF DAMAGE more than Flying gem acrobats !!! Acrobatics is when sky attack is used , does a high Amount of damage. Head Smash does INSANE , but recoil takes it away. Or stone edge for the weak and the safer side . Now the last one here is the Earthquake , finally comepleting the edgequake combination , making its typing perfect for coverage. :p

      (DONT GO UTURN WITH THIS DUDE , Entry hazards completely activates his CRAPPY ABILITY)

      results may vary! does very well in OU & UU & RU :p
    5. DR4G0Nx
      lol sure :p
    6. DR4G0Nx
      in the usa ! where texas , or kansas or nebreska is at lol

      (im from texas myself btw)
    7. DR4G0Nx
      yea ! i live in central time zone btw :p
    8. DR4G0Nx
      if u wanna battle me right now? hit me up :p cuz im ready to try out my perma team xD
    9. DR4G0Nx
      lol alright ! & thks :)
    10. DR4G0Nx
      dude ! lets talk there ! the battle chat keeps disconnecting me
    11. DR4G0Nx
      Wow!! GG
    12. Garrabutartulo
      Sorry dude, I came back home and I've been really busy :s I've been working (not working, just practicing) in a veterinary clinic all july, mornings and evenings, and anyways, I can't connect my DS to my wifi here in my town :(
    13. JSmooth500
      when r u on?
    14. JSmooth500
      battle me 4th gen
    15. renerincon182
    16. renerincon182
      today name rene and code is 4814 2926 1901
    17. renerincon182
    18. Garrabutartulo
      as soon as I've got some time :S I have to finish a lot of paperwork for my erasmus scholarship, and pack my things!
    19. Kyle2
      Battle ?
    20. KingKold
      yes i know that^^ but i dont get the right one^^ so thats my problem can you ask pls^^ i can wait
    21. Garrabutartulo
      why don't you make an account on that forum?? If you want me to ask, ok, but it took long before anyone answered last time. This time can take even longer 'cause it has to be someone who has a german cartridge or a german pokésav (I don't even know if that exists).
      It would be faster that you open eggs 'till you get the right nature. It usually takes me like one hour. If you have a pokémon with flame body, eggs hatch in half the time.
    22. Garrabutartulo
      I didn't ask a friend XD I asked in a forum, and a random guy answered.
    23. Garrabutartulo
      then you need a german ditto :s that's gonna be hard to get. You can still try a lot of times. If there's like 30 natures you have 1/30 of getting the one you want. The other way is to use a synchronizer, but that way you can't use the ditto
    24. KingKold
      ok that could be the reason why it doesnt work
    25. Garrabutartulo
      Ok, I looked for it. If you give Ditto the everstone, there's a 50% chance the baby will have the nature of one of the parents (can be ditto or the other one). If you give the everstone to ditto and the other pokémon, the baby will have the nature of one of them. But this doesn't work if they are from games in different languages! That ditto was from an english game, I think.
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