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Feb 10, 2016 at 3:19 PM
Nov 20, 2012
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November 2


Male, from NJ

I can't help but keep choosing shitty people to give me avatars "sigh" Aug 4, 2014

kingmidas was last seen:
Viewing thread Smogon Tournament #12 - Round 1 [read post #1126], Feb 10, 2016 at 3:19 PM
    1. Aweshucks
    2. Matezoide
      <Matezoide> See ya :D
    3. maserato
      I VM'ed him today so I'll give it one more day and then we will get one
    4. Unitas
      Its fine, just know it will be hard to get out. First impressions last
    5. Unitas
      I dont run ASB, Im not in a position of power. As of now, no punishment is happening to you except for certain battlers refusing to ref/accept your battles. Dont beg for me to give you a second chance. Start acting nice, and the entire ASB community will.
    6. Unitas
      People are honestly so annoyed with your behavior, we have full conversations about it on IRC. People have not liked you since you first started showing this impatient behavior. People arent waiting for you to say something bad, you say something bad and we look at it, not because its you, BUT BECAUSE ITS SOMETHING BAD.
    7. Unitas
      "Cube I am a nice person you just find a way to piss me off which leads to everyone else to think I am a dick." Honestly dude? Grow up, and stop acting like an ignorant baby.
    8. EspyOwner
      Just so you know, being an asshole to people is generally discouraged when they're being nice to you. Try toning it down and not acting like an obnoxious twat.
    9. Unitas
      Just know that from many of your posts, the ASB community does not find your attitude very pleasing, but actually quite rude and selfish
    10. Elevator Music
      Elevator Music
      you may put those moves back on monferno~
    11. Unoriginal Name
      Unoriginal Name
      I'll try to finish it up today, if possible.
    12. akela
      You are expected to sent me the entire profile, not just bits and pieces.
    13. CabooseFTW
      I already posted on battle tower that I actually can't take the challenge right now. Sorry.
    14. maserato
      Calm down there. Being a ref is a difficult part of ASB and is difficult to do correctly. Issac also happens to be quite new so don't be so quick with your judgments.
    15. yoshinite
      Ok lets go.
    16. yoshinite
      Oh sorry, I forgot yours was cancelled. *Facepalm*
    17. IssacCross
      Doing it now
    18. yoshinite
      Your match
    19. GG bro
      GG bro
      Kingmitus I am sorry about DQing on you.
    20. yoshinite
    21. yoshinite
      Sorry, my computer crapped out and I didnt see your post! Rewards are ready!
    22. yoshinite
      Aren't you gonna DQ GG bro? >_<
    23. yoshinite
      Then do it.
    24. Unitas
      Safeguard did protect from toxic. Nowhere in the calcsdid it say you took damage from poison. The only reason he showed toxic in the calcs is because of the energy it took to use it.
    25. Unoriginal Name
      Unoriginal Name
      Well, of course, I could give you a few pointers, such as:

      -always make a subtitution for Bide, Taunt, Encore, Magic Coat, Mirror Coat and Counter if it would screw over your orders badly
      -abilities are deadly; Gastro Acid, Skill Swap and similar moves are really useful
      -don't be afraid to use a move a trainer has a substitution for if it would be better for you than them

      And more, but really, the best place to ask is #capasb over IRC. Go here (or on Mibbit/mIRC if you have those) and fill out the Nickname field with your username (kingmitus) and the Channel field with #capasb. This will lead you to a chatroom with a bunch of other ASBers who are usually happy to help; just try not to act rude or anything. Really, they'd help you more than I ever could.

      Best of luck in the future :D
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    LC QC member, VM me for a check.


    November 2
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    Somewhat stubborn
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