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  • Of course, just let me convert the Pokes into files and I will be needing your email address too. :)
    And if I'm right...
    You also came from serebii right?
    I also am a member there, before coming here in smogon.
    I still have that notebook, where I recorded my trades and/or trade plans.

    It says something like:
    June 15, my 2:00 pm.
    My Latias & Gardevoir for your Darkrai.

    Although I just wrote there "Darkrai" I don't know if it's the one in the cherish ball (with both Dialga and Palkia's signature moves).

    That was the time where I haven't learned the RNG process yet.
    I just learned it last year.
    Have we met before?
    I think I'm familiar with you, since 3 years ago, I was asking some pokemon from you...
    Was it a Darkrai right?
    A cherish ball Darkrai IIRC.
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