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Aug 13, 2011
Jun 21, 2010
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Aug 13, 2011
    1. DTrain5742
      Hey are you still interested in doing the level up and movesets for two of my Pokemon in return for the Crown Raikou? I just got them back from being EV Trained, so sorry it took so long.
    2. Arcticuno
      Ha, all I had to do was read our VM convo to see that I already gave it to you! :P

      Well, thanks for letting me know - I obviously couldn't remember.
    3. Arcticuno
      Hey, did you ever get your Zapdos from Bakus' giveaway?
    4. super_dragon
      Yeah, I still need it. Can you just please breed it on any legit male Smeargle though so that we don't have to trade twice. You'll still get a copy of my Smeargle or pimpmobile and a credit. Need it by tomorrow/asap though
    5. MegaAwesomazing
      Sp.Atk 252 / Speed 216 / HP 38 Eevee Timid

      132 HP / 160 Atk / 218 Spe Eevee Jolly

      Is it ok if u can help then evolve too?

      Jolly Eevee leafeon

      Timid Eevee Glaceon
    6. MegaAwesomazing
      it's 3 credits for me shop if you can finish EV training 2 pokes for today...

      You still want to do it?
    7. super_dragon
      If you already have any male smeargle and can sketch those moves on it and breed it with a female sandshrew/sandslash and get a male sandshrew with those moves, I'll can give you a copy of my smeargle and a credit in my shop
    8. super_dragon
      Crap, I missed you. Wished you had posted in my profile. It's getting late now and I just want to trade with Kyon since he seems to really need the Mesprit so I'll try to catch you tomorrow
    9. klinic
      I'm waiting on wifi right now.
    10. super_dragon
      Can you pick up Smeargle now? Please sketch counter, night slash, safe guard and flail onto it and would like a UT copy back right after i trade you smeargle. Use my HG FC please
    11. klinic
      Thanks dude, much appreciated.
    12. Arcticuno
      Hey, I'm in the wifi room with Zapdos.
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