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  • haha actually those are sprites, not HGSS sprites. The TTar HGSS sprite is actually very badass
    Thanks for the praise for my team dude, it means a lot because I spend hours building that team :). I can fix the sprites for TTar and Meta if you'd like! ;)
    I'm surprised you never stopped by at my old OU RMT and said, "YOUR TEAM IS MIXVIRE WEAK BITCH!"

    B/c it's true xD I'm getting owned! I'm so confused! Why!
    Haha but what if he gets a Motor Drive boost? Youre screwedd. Haha just kiddin (although it is true). but I guess its a good thing MixVire is so uncommon! :P
    Just posting to say: Hey, you have improved quite a bit as a rater and user, you no longer have to point out a MixVire weak every time you rate a thread, so good job. Your post quality has also significantly gone up. Good job keep improving! ;)

    Oh and I think its ironic how your RMT "fall of stall" is so weak to MixVire itself :)
    people mock him because he's mostly biased in his rates always looking for the slightest opportunity to pop in a "mixvire" weak comment even though it's one of the most uncommon and unthreatening pokemon in the OU metagame but I digress, he seems to be getting better... (I hope)
    I dont know why everyone mocks this dude Every RMT I read either says your Gyarados, Mixape or Lucario weak so why cant a team be Mixvire weak?
    btw you have a magnezone on your team, meaning you will be firing off tbolts which means evire can sweep your team, i suggest fixing this problem by using rotom-A
    Electivire is a cool pokemon, so I don`t understand why you guy`s go all out against kumar just because he likes it, anyone care to explain?
    Dude it's called sarcasm. No one is serious about Electivire AT ALL. It's probably one of the most uncommon OU Pokemon, and in all honesty, the only reason I've even seen one was probably because of the Electivirus thread. I highly doubt it will increase in usage any more...
    honostly, I play on the ladder very frequently, and I have only seen about two Electivires this entire month so far...even when they do make an appearance they are so easy to play around there is no need to go on and on about it
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