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Last Activity:
Nov 3, 2014
Jun 8, 2012
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Hell de Janeiro
    1. Demist
      :) I'm glad you're back ^^
    2. Demist
      kyuss, do you still live?
    3. Phoenix512
      I'm around for the rest of the tonight since the thing I had to do got rescheduled last minute. As for tomorrow, I can do a battle for most of the day until 7:30 pm GMT-5. If you cannot do it at that point, I can try to do it after 10 pm GMT-5 but prefer not to do it at that point.

      So please commit to a specific time that we can battle because I rather lose a battle than win one through lack of activity. Best way to get ahold of me is #neverused on irc.synirc.net and PM me there so I get the message immediately.
    4. Phoenix512
      I didn't mean to ignore you but I couldn't constantly keep checking for you to show up. If not tomorrow how about Sunday between 1-5 pm EST or late Saturday night after 9 pm EST. Please give me a specific time this time so there's no question about when we doing this match. Also it's better to PM me on IRC specifically the server where all the Smogon channels are hosted on since there's a lot better chance I will see a PM there than on Showdown or even the forum.
    5. Phoenix512
      Looks like we aren't going able to play tonight. How about 1-2 pm EST Saturday?
    6. Phoenix512
      Alright, I'm waiting on PS.
    7. Phoenix512
      I'm your opponent for Farm. I'm GMT-5. I can do Wednesday and Thursday after 5. Most of the day Saturday and Sunday.
    8. Pako
      I'm on grotto
    9. Pako
      Kyuss I have to go out now, can you play in 2 hours?
    10. Pako
      Well, I have to go out and I can't spend more time here. Can you play tomorrow at 19:00 gmt +1?
    11. Pako
      Ey, I'm on grotto waiting for you. See you
    12. Pako
      Ok, Saturday. I said sunday because I'm busy this week with exams, but Saturday it's ok
    13. Pako
      I prefer to play the weekend, can you play Sunday at 20:00 gmt+1?
    14. Pako
      Hi, we have to play for Farm League, when can you play? I'm gmt +1
    15. FireMage
      Yeah, sure sorry. That's fine. (I really should've replied earlier) Catch you tomorrow then!
    16. FireMage
      Hey, Kyuss I'd like to set a time for our match, 8pm GMT on Friday the 11th. Woul;d that be good for you? or would you prefer it a little later/Eariler than that?
    17. FireMage
      Hey Kyuss! I'm your opponent for Week 2 of SPL Farm league! strictly speaking I don't have a team yet for this meta so I'll need some time to make and test one. When would you prefer to battle?
    18. papai noel
      papai noel
      Me tutora NU oO
    19. cbt
      I am your opponent for week 1 of SPL farm league. As a result, we need to set up a time to do our battle.
    20. DragonForce.
      eu tinha visto 1 mas não pensei de por de avatar :'(
      ai vi você o:
    21. DragonForce.
      rapaz, se esse cara com avatar de mulher for mulher você tá feito, e poxa, queria usar esse paint tb de avatar :'(
    22. GaryTheGengar
      haha shit, me too. do you have a skype? we gotta stay in contact
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    Hell de Janeiro
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    Hates to lose
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