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Mar 26, 2014
Jul 22, 2010
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Mar 26, 2014
    1. coolbiz
      Hey I have this done: http://www.pokecheck.org/?p=detail&uid=1223768
      Is that how you wanted it done? I can work on it further no problem if you would like me to. Also I can do another CP for you if you would like free of charge. :)
    2. yyl012
      As for cloning, I thought I would need lots at first, but I think just 2 copies of Cresselia that I have would be great. I'll do one BP for that if it's how this works?

      I do have non-shiny Impish Skarmory w/ Sturdy as its ability but its gender is Male. It has the moves you want though.
      If you're not interested in that, I can either breed that Skarm again with female gender or Hippopotas which I always wanted to breed. It'd be great if you could give me back a copy of Hippo but if you don't usually do that, thats ok.

      I'm finally trying to learn how to RNG in 5th Gen now lol
      It looks a lot easier to do it in G5 than G4 cuz you have to hit the right seed only once, right? That would save more time i guess.

      EDIT: I would need a copy of Skarmory back too.. not just Hippo :P
      I actually went ahead and bred that Hippo just for fun, so let me know if you're intersted in them.
    3. Malinator94
      yeah i can try this weekend, if you can today or tomorrow that would be cool too lol, i'll try to be on more often
    4. Rugaji
    5. BowWave
      I forgot what was the deal!:(
    6. yyl012
      Hi labarith. I'm back again :) After the exams, I finally have a few weeks off from school.
      Do you still need any BP's in 4th Gen done? I actually need you to do some cloning this time.
    7. Malinator94
      whenever if youre ready today
    8. BowWave
      So?what shall we do?
    9. Rugaji
      sure, tonight.
    10. Rugaji
      Let me know when you're ready to trade.
    11. Malinator94
      hey are you ready to trade today??
    12. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      Well actually I'd go 31 speed because the point is not to be the slowest, but rather not sacrifice bulk or offensive strength, and Dragonite isn't losing that much with only base 80 speed.
    13. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      I'm going to nab a non shiny Quiet and Brave natured Dratini for a theory in the battle subway I had. I'll try the Tirtouga, but I would need a Tirtouga first, I have the claw fossil...
    14. for54years
      Cool, I'll look for you then.
    15. for54years
      Hi there, are you free to trade today?
    16. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      Umm... okay. Should I start with the Murkrow now or more dratinis? I'll try to get dragon dance on them in case someone wants to do LC.
    17. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      Found the real one. you can keep it because I've got two of them (aka not have to clone it)
    18. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      derp. there 3 jolly ones... I'll check where the real one is.
    19. Ominous Fyre
    20. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      I'm still online.
    21. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      All dream world, gender is random (I can look it up again), all know ExtremeSpeed
      1 adamant shiny UT
      1 adamant non shiny UT
      1 jolly shiny UT
      1 jolly non shiny UT
      1 adamant non shiny 248hp/252att/8spe
      1 adamant non shiny 4hp/252att/252spe

      I'll just go the the wifi room...
    22. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      anything. ill need copies back so you can trade em back for your mons
    23. KarlMee1234
      Thanks for the trade :D
    24. Ominous Fyre
      Ominous Fyre
      Like now? These Dratinis are piling up on me xD. I think I've got 6 or 7 now.
    25. coolbiz
      Hey are you gonna put those pokes in your thread? If not I was going to make them public on pokecheck.
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