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Aug 29, 2015
Feb 18, 2010
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from England

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Aug 29, 2015
    1. supermarth64
      Are you still going to do the Lucario analysis or can I have it?
    2. Rabbit
      Saw you got a response to your request for the international flawless Ditto - if you do find a cloner for it, would you mind letting me know? I'd love a copy and would be willing to trade.
    3. Noah_S
      No problem.
    4. Noah_S
      I didnt use PikaTimer.

      What I did was, found out the delay range in a particular second mark.

      Example Delay range in 15 seconds mark or 20 seconds mark.
      Than I choose the spread and used the seed in RNG reporter to seed to time in a particular year that matches one of my delay ranges in either 15 or 20 seconds mark.
      I used a stop watch or the windows clock for timings =).

      Problem is, Desmume stopped working for me, and I reinstalled windows. AND SADLY I FORGOT TO BACK UP MY NDS FOLDER =(. So I dont have the information about the delay ranges anymore.. but you can do it yourself within minutes =).
    5. mtsilverchampion
      You will know because the address in the 4th field will match the address of the seed. Then proceed to advance frames, using Kazo's frame checker (http://www.smogon.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2243500&postcount=98) to check what frame you are on. You can use save states to help in this task. Advance to target frame and if done correctly you will obtain the desired pokemon. NOTE Red Gyrados is determined in a different method to 1/k. Forget about it, I attempted to RNG it and failed. Once done, convert dsv back to sav and then using EMS software transfer back to cartridge.
    6. mtsilverchampion
      You can RNG via emulator, but it must be DeSmuMe as this is the only one which will allow us to view the memory. If you have the newest EMS NDS Adaptor Plus you can transfer your save to your computer, and vice versa. Then use SaveTypeConverter to convert the .SAV to .dsv. Place the ROM of HG/SS in the same folder as DeSmuMe. Also place the .dsv in the same folder. Ensure the .dsv and the rom have the same name bar file extension. Play the game. You should be able to load from the save point. Then proceed to where the Pokemon you desire is. Save before it/before initating event such as dogs, then go to tools-->view memory. Set viewmode to words then enter 021D15A8 for English HG/SS games, 021D0AE8for Japanese games. To set the time to RNG change Windows clock, that is equivalent to changing the time on the DS. Proceed to reset at the specified time to be able to hit your target time and delay. See next message -->
    7. munchlax8
      Wait, nvm, it's working. Do you happen to have one that will work on eggs? This one is great for now (to check my starter's stats) I'm just thinking of later
    8. munchlax8
      So, I entered the code and nothing is happening...when exactly do I press R?
    9. imapedarsag
      wow, im so sorry. either way, i wouldn't have been able to because i am breeding right now.
    10. Rama
      np, glad to help ;]
    11. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Most people have Syberia's as it is free.
    12. Rama
      ok ill come on now, my wifi has been really wierd lately so it might be a problem.
    13. Rama
      LF's, and its free.
    14. Rama
      i can give you a flawless ditto in about 5 minutes.
    15. dragonboy52
      its ok ill give it to you for free but you have to clone it and give it back
    16. Im not lOlpO
    17. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      ok see you online
    18. Im not lOlpO
    19. Im not lOlpO
      Im not lOlpO
      yeah see you online
    20. newb
      Thanks alot dude!! If you ever need something to be cloned just ask...
      You can run now.
    21. newb
      Ok dude I finish the seond battle.. You can run now.
    22. newb
      Dude I just need to check the IV's then I'll comment you back for the remaining IV Battles. Thanks a lot dude!!!
    23. newb
      Dude you can ask me to clone if you ever need it.
    24. newb
      Lets clone first.. Well see you on!
    25. newb
      Which FC?
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