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May 18, 2011
Aug 28, 2010
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May 18, 2011
    1. LeftiesWillRule
    2. Luxpluff91
      It does change the date, but that also happens when you Pokéshift normally. Pokéshifting changes the date to the day you Pokéshifted - that's not a program's bug.

      I don't see any problems regarding its legitimacy. It's like asking if a Pokésav cloned Pokemon is still legitimate. Of course, if you want to trade and dont want me to Pokeshift using the applet, just ask.
    3. LeftiesWillRule
      Can you give me the exact IVs for me to record in my index of competitive pokemon?
    4. LeftiesWillRule
      Wow, this is why I shouldn't be trading on one DS and breeding on the other; I left my trading fodder in the PC so I'll have to go get them.
    5. LeftiesWillRule
      I'll take Gengar and Vaporeon. I'd like two copies of each; one for 4th gen, and one for 5th. If either/both are your OT, could you nickname one of the copies of each with a non-fully capitalized name? (i.e. "Gengar" instead of "GENGAR") I'll be online to trade in a few minutes.
    6. LeftiesWillRule
      I finally caught you online! So, can you trade for your pokes back now?

      And can we discuss my payment?
    7. Gliiviire
      i can trade right now
    8. Gliiviire
      well trade in a whle
    9. Lost Ops
      Lost Ops
      Wana OU?
      FC:4469 0104 5781
      I'm waiting online if you want to.
    10. Nebilim
      Try reentering...
    11. Nebilim
      By the way i cant imput your FC.It says is wrong
    12. Nebilim
      Wait for me online.I will finish with extreme and go to you.It might take a few minutes
    13. Nebilim
      To be honest...i dont really like trading with people here without threads to avoid getting other people stuff without consent...not mentioning i only wanting pokemon with strange movesets or eved.But i guess if you really want him so much i will trade for the adamant victini,as long you keep ferro NFT ok?
    14. Nebilim
      Already have that sorry.
    15. HeroWeslee
      I don't think RNG or an action replay are necessary to get good IVs. I've perfected my IV breeding method and it works very well without an action replay. I've made an adamant tyranitar with 31/31/31/X/31/X, and I just finished training an adamant metagross with
    16. HeroWeslee
      No problem! Just out of curiosity do you IV breed or RNG?
    17. HeroWeslee
      yeah, I can do it now.
    18. Mr.Pooh31
      Just let HeroWeslee do it since he has them all hahah
      Sorry and good luck
    19. HeroWeslee
      I have all the wings. Want them? FC 0218 0155 0708
    20. Mr.Pooh31
      Umm lets see
      I have
      Resist Wing
      Genius Wing
      Health Wing
      Swift Wing
      and Muscle Wing
      I think im missing the SpDef one but do you want those?
    21. LeftiesWillRule
      I'd be interested in Duskull; what's its nature and what's its speed IV, 0 or 31?

      If you have any other trade options with Hidden Power, I might want those, as Hidden Power is extremely hard for me to get.

      I'll be checking in every once in a while all day, so hopefully I'll see you and give you your pokes back. I take it you do not have an AR, right? I didn't know if you wanted Roselia evolved yet, so I'll give it a Shiny Stone to hold.
    22. kal2400
      Your a coward and so is Tony1995 going behind peoples backs to talk crap ver impressive and way to go for lieing you guys are pathetic @Tony1995 your an obviously under diluted or something.
    23. litea11111
      yeah :) no prob, gd luck for ur other battles
    24. litea11111
      oh i see, maybe we can rematch next time?
    25. litea11111
      huh? d/c? that was gonna be a gd game :(
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