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Jun 30, 2012
Dec 23, 2010
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In a grassy forest
    1. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      HP: 100
      Attack: 1
      Defense: 52
      SpAtk: 56
      SpDef: 100
      Speed: 101

      This all comes to a total of: 510. The MAXIMUM OF EV'S to be applied.
    2. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      Mine's in my sig likes yours should be as well as in my About Me page...

      Can you trade NOW?
    3. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      What is your FC?
    4. Unholy Confessions
      Unholy Confessions
      What EVs are you pumping? Did you try going past 252 on a stat?
    5. The Giritina-man
      The Giritina-man
      EV's can only stop at 510...so, there's no way they can stop at that amount.

      You want me to check them?
    6. ¥Gold¥
      I need Green to get me a poochy, which he should be working on. as for your team, my stupid game has yet to give me anything at all usable. even worse, I'm getting stats for epic physical attackers on eevee and epic special attackers on pinsir. I think my game hates me.
    7. ¥Gold¥
      I'm going to be leaving soon, and I might have some time to get in quite a bit of breeding today. hopefully pinsir and espeon will be ready.
    8. ¥Gold¥
      HP moves are going to be hard to get. it could take weeks for me to get the right ones. I'll probably have to replace them.
    9. ¥Gold¥
    10. ¥Gold¥
      not even close. that stupid pinsir refuses to be bred properly. this is going to take a while.
    11. Red
      Its been out for awhile.
      Nevertheless, good job
    12. ~Green~
      its a long code just google it
    13. ~Green~
    14. ~Green~
      if i catch you on again yeah sure :)
    15. Red
      It is a good song, but i do not like call of duty.
    16. Red
      I have it already.
      CROWN Dog
    17. Red
      It depends what you want. You dont have to have it like that.
      Jirachi - Torterra - Skarmory - Venasaur
    18. Red
      Fire Punch/Flare Blitz
      Thunder Punch
    19. Red
      Good job. Tell me how it goes. ATM, i am EV training
    20. Red
      Fine. I am busy, and Alexa is about to go to sleep. You?
    21. ¥Gold¥
      I'm watching a stream right now. the breeding process will take at least 3 days for the whole team.
    22. ¥Gold¥
      I try not to use smogon sets, but it's not too hard to play around with movesets. I'll get started right now. again... (I leaned forward a bit too much to read the sets and my AR came out. time to start over. at least I didn't lose anything important.)
    23. ¥Gold¥
      I'm back. I'll get started right now, but some more detailed information would be better.
    24. ~Green~
      okay then :) your on
    25. ~Green~
      well i dont have a nu team i have a ou team it wouldnt be to fair.
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