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Jun 30, 2012
Dec 23, 2010
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In a grassy forest
    1. ~Green~
      nice :) do you battle?
    2. ZaChAttAcK101
      Nothing much. Trying to find a UU battle to team test but no luck so I'm just going to try out this Killzone 3 Multiplayer Beta out. you?
    3. ~Green~
      together we make leafgreen :P
    4. ~Green~
      hey leaf im green whats up?
    5. ZaChAttAcK101
    6. Metalex
    7. Metalex
    8. Metalex
      Okay cool;)
    9. Metalex
      Okay I have no idea what time that is my time lol since its 8:35pm right now but sure talk to you later.
    10. Metalex
      Okay great, When do you think you can get me one? If you got me one tonight sometime Poochy will be done by tomorrow.
    11. Metalex
      No male because males pass down the egg moves.
    12. Metalex
      Since your in the beginning of HGSS can you catch a male Snubbul lol? I think there near the daycare. Im doing another RNG right now and cant go looking for one right now.
    13. Metalex
      Thats kind of long lol. I just looked up on Serebii and there both ground egg groups so if you can get me a male Snubbul then I will do this BP. Snubbull learns the fangs through heart scales so that will be easy. Also are you okay with Poochy hatched in any of these locations?

      Team rocket HQ
      Dark Cave
      Ilex forest
      National park

      I personally like Dark Cave the best.
    14. Metalex
      Sorry but I can`t RNG in Dppt :(, It`s way to hard. If you can get me the parents (a male Poochyena with the elemental fangs) then I will do your BP but in HG.
    15. Metalex
      Also can you tell me details on the Mightyena? like egg moves? IVs wanted? Hatch Location?
    16. Metalex
      Check my wants with the link I gave you :)
    17. Metalex
      Can you RNG aswell? And im not sure, Im not really good on gathering Egg moves. Maybe if you could offer me some Pokes I might be willing to consider :), You can check my wants here
    18. Metalex
      not sure? maybe try a male heracross with a female pinsir? there both bug so it may work :P
    19. Red
      Credit meaning you battled me on smogon.
    20. Red
      ~Green~ Already beat you to it a long time ago.
      But nice name i guess.
      Now it will be very hard to tell if you are a boy or a girl.

      I really dont care if you post battles on youtube. As long as you give me credit.
    21. Red
      Yeah. But it is better if you find out everything by yourself. I started out learning everything without external help. No internet, nothing.
    22. Red
      It just takes experiance to get good.
      You need to rack up more battles.
      I will not battle you until you meet the following conditions:

      1.) A full party team
      2.) Bred For IV's
      3.) EV'd Fully
      4.) You make 100 Posts
    23. Red
      Its not that...
      You just need to look after yourself.
      Me and Alexa cannot hold your hand all the time.
    24. Red
      Come back to me when you have had a few wins under your belt. I will see you at the top.
    25. Red
      Hey. Honestly, you really need to learn how to do these things yourself. You cannot have other people do this for you. If you want to get better, you figure it out. Otherwise, you will NEVER Get better. Sorry if i am harsh, but its time for you to do things your own way.

      This is going to benefit you. Research about EV training, IV breeding.
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    In a grassy forest
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