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Last Activity:
Oct 31, 2014 at 6:57 AM
Jan 2, 2007
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Aug 14, 1988 (Age: 26)
Lake District, UK


@ Thick Club, 26, from Lake District, UK

is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnus
Lee was last seen:
Oct 31, 2014 at 6:57 AM
    1. WaterBomb
      thanks broseidon, king of the brocean!
    2. gec
      hahaha shade is a nob, give him a 2nd punch from me please ty
    3. tab
      doubt ill be going, it's in the middle of freshers week so i'll probably be busy getting drunk somewhere else

      although i do like the sound of all you can drink whiskey....
    4. gec

      that weekend is the weekend i move back to uni in surrey and freshers week starts so i wont be able to attend :( sorry D:
    5. shade
      yes lee i am so down for that!
    6. v
      oh my god why don't we have whiskey festivals in the usa
    7. Stallion
      #lifting needs to be on ajoin for people more! We should have a weekly Skype/chat sesh that everyone can make!
    8. Tobes
      Hey, do you want to mod OU again? You seem to be active again and another hand on deck wouldn't hurt.
    9. Haunter
      because currently the whole subforum is private. It's not really a discussion, just smod+ expressing their ideas.
    10. twash
      Hey man, I know you don't really play in tournaments and I'm sure you have reasons for it, but would you consider playing in the World Cup this year? A lot of older players such as Havak and Kinneas have retired now and we're looking for as many talents as possible... It's always a blast, we don't take it too seriously like some teams and it's just fun to see how we do. Up to you dude, but please think about it!!
    11. kittenmay
      That's how I win everything. By writing really largely.

      Not really though.
    12. Tomahawk
    13. Silverlands
      Oh Carlisle? Haha. Nice! Certainly makes me envious~

      (sorry for late reply a bit busy with exams at the moment)
    14. NixHex
      Is a Marowak alumnus. Awesome change of avatar, good luck in future endeavors.
    15. HBK
      Lol I was a glory fan anyway,it had to go.
    16. Bartman101

      Why are you leaving/giving up moderating?
    17. WaterBomb
      just realized I never told you what dram I celebrated my wedding with when you asked me.

      To tell you the truth, the only alcohol I had on my wedding day was a sip of champagne.

      HOWEVER, the night before I was alternating between Glenmorangie and Guinness ^_^
    18. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      I think Modest is better :)
      It's slower than Starmie, so you might as well play it for its increased bulk and pump up its special attack too I guess!
    19. Cipher Admin Lovrina
      Cipher Admin Lovrina
      I'm a big fan of your sets... loved Wallbreaker Hydreigon. Anyway, do you think there might be a different spread for LO Milotic?
    20. Silverlands
      northern ^5
      We moved away from Carlisle when i was young (to Burnley of all places ¬_¬) but I'm still happy to represent the Smogon Cumbrian Community
      Of 1 :s
    21. jumpluff
      lee, your post in the kim jong-il thread made me giggle xD
    22. kd24
      :s sorry
    23. Windsong
      hey mr. 4 minute miler. =D
    24. Molk
      just a question, what does silk scarf linoone KO that sitrus berry linoone doesnt, im definatley slashing it, i just need examples for the write up.
    25. Stallion
      Thanks for the kind words in the thread :) hope you're gonna be about to get back into training soon and that life in general is good - it's been way too long man!
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    Aug 14, 1988 (Age: 26)
    Lake District, UK
    My Characteristic:
    Loves to eat
    DP Friend Code:
    1890 7680 0868
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