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Oct 14, 2017
Jan 2, 2007
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Aug 14, 1988 (Age: 29)
Lake District, UK


@ Thick Club, 29, from Lake District, UK

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Oct 14, 2017
    1. Virizion
      Hey Lee, why can't I use a 28.7 KB avatar? vBulletin says it exceeds the 30.0 KB limit, which doesn't make sense.
    2. badabing
      whoa damn. mistah lee brandishing the thick club
    3. Virizion
      Oh yeah, sorry for replying like 12 hours after you sent your last PM, it's cuz I wasn't feeling too good emotionally (just saying in case Gen. didn't tell you) and wasn't really in a conversational mood.
    4. WaterBomb
      and we will get jobs as bartenders in heave-- err I mean The Kings Arms.
    5. WaterBomb
      so I just purchased a plane ticket over there, and I have all my stuff packed and ready to move in to your house. Will settle for linen closet if necessary. :)
    6. Virizion
      ballabrown24, responsible for about a thousand of my VM's
    7. Virizion
      Not wanting to give badges to troublemakers? How would you explain PttP then?

      Also: I don't really want badges at the moment (and not for quite a while) if that's what you're implying; because if I did want one, I'd already be working for it (Getting PO + requirements for STV/Tiering Contributor, etc.).
    8. Virizion
      Hey Lee, for the Team-Rater badge it says "given to users who provide frequent constructive advice", so my question is: How long do you guys consider to be "frequent"? Also note that I don't want to try for the badge (I couldn't anyway, without PO or knowledge of how to "professionally" rate teams), I'm just curious about this as I was reading the Badge section in the FAQ's. Figured I'd ask you because you used to be one.
    9. Virizion
      Very small nitpick, but Landorus has 101 Base Speed, not 111 like Torna/Thund. Didn't want to post in the suspect thread just to point that out.
    10. Eazy
      hey Lee, what's up
    11. Tomahawk
      its okay, i wanted to post (kind of) the same anyways
      but how do you quote the rules so quick?
    12. Tomahawk
      you ninjad me; and locked the thread while i was posting
    13. King N
      King N
    14. TorchicBlaziken
      Is Marowak your favorite?
    15. Lanturn314

      Yeah, I see what you mean about this thing's being female being rather disturbing O_o
    16. 12345678913456789
    17. akuchi
      hahaha definitely. i'd be terrible away support though - after a few pints i'd get murdered
    18. akuchi
      haha evidently not - life has been chaotic (AS ALWAYS) the last couple of weeks, I somehow ended up incredibly poor again WAT
    19. Badal
      Okay. Will work on it tommorow.
    20. Badal
      I was wondering if you're still working on Escavalier and Stoutland or can I get it pushed through GP?
    21. Whater
      Hey, can I report someone?
      His name is Plusle.
      He promised me a set of banners 3 months ago and continues to lie to me saying 'he sent them' when he hasn't.
      And then he says leave me alone because I'm holding him accountable.
      I just wanted you to be aware of this inconsiderable BOY.
      I want the banners that I've been waiting for...
    22. WaterBomb
      Personally from that list, I'd recommend the Balmenach, Glenlossie, Kininvie, and Mannochmore. Outside of that the list is mostly unfamiliar. Also I don't see Old Fettercairn on that list. Sad face :(

      No problem, always glad to help people out! Wish I could go with ya
    23. WaterBomb
      oo several of those look familiar. I've heard of the Dalwhinnie, Old Pulteney out of Caithness, Macallan of course, Hazelburn, and Black Rory. The others I am unfamiliar with, but I will be sure to seek them out!

      Haha and I wasn't saying you implied it, I was saying it myself! People in this country have no sense of pride when they drink. They buy the cheapest, nastiest dribble you can get and don't even attempt to please their palettes. Oh well, you can't teach an old dog new tricks I guess!
    24. WaterBomb
      I do miss it a lot. Went back to visit in 2004 and it was a supreme trip. I fell in love with the smell of a distillery at a very young age, so I grew up drinking whisky. Not all people in America are uncultured sheep haha! Definitely keep me updated, I could always use more names to try.

      As far as general fare over here, you see mostly the Johnny Walker twins, Seagrams 7, Glen Livet, Glenfiddich, and Inverhouse. There are a plethora of other choices in liquor stores but those are what I can think of off the top of my head.
    25. WaterBomb
      Yes Old Fettercairn distillery was right near where I used to live, in Edzell. Your pal actually doesn't live too far from there, as Edzell was about halfway between Dundee and Aberdeen. I'm actually surprised Old Fettercairn is still open, but it's good to hear. I would personally recommend it, as it's not very well known. As far as other recommendations, I had a really nice bottle of MacAllan recently, but it was the super 114 proof solution so a little went a long way. I'll have to check out Speyburn, is it available in the US?
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    Aug 14, 1988 (Age: 29)
    Lake District, UK
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    Loves to eat
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    1890 7680 0868
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