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    1. Danilo
      hooooooo dppp johns yeaaaaaa
    2. Danilo
      vs u in dpp thingy my fellow slammer
    3. HoiPolloi
      Hi Boss Leftiez, when do want to play for the Single Pokemon tourney? I'll probably use the weekend to build my team, so you could just look out for me on the server after that.
    4. Rockhp
      Time to shine for you ! gl Lefties :p
    5. ~GreenCore
      heya [:
      we need to play for the The Multi-Tier Team Tour R2, let me know when you can play C:
    6. Morgenstern
      ohh hey :DDDDDDDDDDD
    7. Lowgock
      Sorry i'm away Currently (and tomorrow Too) unexpectedly
      Sunday Would be good
    8. Lowgock
      ok i´m available 3pm-8 pm today and tomorrow, weekend 1pm-8/9pm gmt+2
    9. Lowgock
      i´ll vm you after i´v built my team
    10. Omicron
      just VM me whenever you want to battle
    11. DestinyUnknown
      I'm now on smogon server if you wanna play, drop me a pm there if you can
    12. DestinyUnknown
      we have to play for multi-tier tournament, when will you be able to?
    13. SilentVerse
      Hey, do you wanna battle now? I'll be on Groudon's Grotto.
    14. SilentVerse
      Yeah I'm sorry, I guess I missed you by like 15 minutes. What are the times you're usually on (and what timezone are you btw)? I should be free for most of the weekend, but it'd be nice to know so I don't have to stay on all day!
    15. Eo Ut Mortus
      Eo Ut Mortus
      I built my team. I can play today or before/after tour tomorrow and Saturday.
    16. SilentVerse
      Hey we gotta play for the RU tournament. I'm pretty busy this week, so can you play on the weekend? I should be free for most of the day then, and I'll be on #rarelyused if you want to find me there.
    17. D4RR3N
      sorry man im at school lol. is it possible if u can for an extension? sorry been really busy, will tell u when can i play later
    18. Eo Ut Mortus
      Eo Ut Mortus
      Busy today. I'll make a team tomorrow/after and VM you again when I'm ready.
    19. badabing
      play now?
    20. badabing
      i can play in like hour? i have to fight mcmeghan now
    21. Razza
      I can battle in 2 or 3 hours I'm assuming you will be online during tour so we cab get it done around then
    22. Razza
      i am timezone gmt, just shoot me a pm on smogon server if u see me on
    23. Mithril
      Unfortunately, it seems that where I am for today and tomorrow has very poor wifi. It is disconnecting fairly regularly, and while I don't think it would happen during the battle, I would hate to have that happen. I know that I am free most of Monday, and will have good internet, would that work for you, or should we just chance my internet crapping out tomorrow.
    24. Mithril
      I should be on the server in about an hour if that works, otherwise, I can be on most of the afternoon tomorrow. Either of those work for you?
    25. Chieliee
      hey, I'm GMT +2. I still have to build my team, i'll probably do that this weekend. We can schedule our match then.
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