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Legend Leader
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Aug 21, 2013
Jun 29, 2010
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Central California

Legend Leader

from Central California

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Aug 21, 2013
    1. The QWAZ
      The QWAZ
    2. Legend Leader
      Legend Leader
      Thank you, Taylor.
    3. Taylor
      read the rmt rules before posting! you cant have more than one active team at one time and must wait at least two whole weeks before posting a new rmt.
    4. Dark Nikuman
      Dark Nikuman
    5. tcr
      ok. no one seems to b checking my team out. i changed a lot in it. added gliscor>jellicent, latias>galvantula, and gyara> rotom-w. come check it out, give some feedback

      if u want to meet on PO, i'm free any day. im gmt -5, so pm me wenever.
    6. Legend Leader
      Legend Leader
      Sure. Date and time, I'll come.
    7. tcr
      hey legend, i hav a weakness towards jolteon on my modified team. could you come check it out on PO? maybe tell me if anythings wrong?
    8. tcr
      i changed my team around some. check it out and comment
    9. asterat
      Stop using purple text it is extremely annoying to read
    10. tcr
      ok, ill use salamence over galvantula. but, how would he do against scrafty? would i need to put gyara anyway? maybe in place of ferro? but if i do that, i lose only counter to gastrodon...:( i need help
      id like to keep the toxicroak and jellicent, as in my battles, most of the time they were game-changers
    11. tcr
      hey, get on po. check out the team
    12. BTzz
      Why do you always use pink text?
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    I do RMTs. Don't expect me to flatter you. Hopefully going to join a team sometime soon.


    Central California
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    3953 9250 1458
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