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  • Doubles is a wifi only metagame at the moment cause Smogon doesn't have a simulator that supports doubles. I'm sure you saw the stuff on Shoddy Battle (Smogon's current online simulator).
    The metagame is just basically competitive pokemon. There are different tiers like OU (Overused), UU (Underused), NU (Neverused), and Ubers. Most of that info is on the main site. There are some nice articles here where you can learn basic info, too! I play an obscure metagame... VGC... because the site doesn't really support doubles =P
    Yes, yes i can. =P

    Sorry I'm so delayed getting back to you.... I'm watching the live stream of worlds right now =P kinda distracted and getting off the site for the night. Glad to see you found me!
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