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  • I may put one up when I have time. It'll be extremely basic though. It won't cover all aspects of gen 5 RNG. I don't foresee having time for it for a while. I have deadlines to meet. :-(
    The c-gear way of doing RNG is very very similar to the way it's done in Gen 4. It's still all about hitting a delay. You should be able to get it done. Just take your time and do a few test runs until you get the hang of things. Don't use Pikatimer for Gen 5. Use ZomgTimer or Toast's Windows version of ZomgTimer.
    Hi, I've been all right. Very busy with work, though.

    I've only RNGed on Japanese versions using C-gear so far. As far as I know, RNG Reporter isn't yet set up for the English version and I don't know if the right AR codes are available yet if you want to try non-C-gear. I bought a White version in English. I'm not fussed about getting perfect starters, just making sure I don't miss my Liberty Ticket. So I started the game so that I wouldn't miss any wondercards.

    Edit: Just found out that RNG Reporter will work with English Version gen 5 games for c-gear seeds, so you just have to read the instructions on the help thread.
    Use the method applicable to the game you're on. See the first page of the help thread for details on where to find methods. Or do a search of the thread. Also, use a synch and check encounter slots for each frame with your target spread. Right click the frame to get more details on encounter slots. Click the link to see what's available for the area you're in.
    Try looking at the Dex on RNG Reporter for a level 5 mew with the nature you have and see what the stats should look like if it's IVs were the way you want them to be.
    On HGSS? Of course you can RNG it. Go for it. Just go to the first page of the help thread to find out what method to use. Or ask there. That's where I go whenever I start a new RNG and can't remember details.
    There's no way yet, but if you keep an eye on the RNG Research thread, you'll see the progress of those attempting to crack it.
    Well, you can pick a day that isn't Monday. Joey will advance frames by 2 each time, but he asks for battles if you call him on Monday. He'll shorten your calls considerably. Other than that, you can try radio advancement. The top right station advances the frame between 12 to 15 each time. You will have to look up radio advancement in the RNG Research thread, since it's too much to explain here. Since you have frames like 62, you could use radio detuning three times and Elm calls for the remaining advancement. That's what I would do.
    Increase the delay range by a larger margin and increase your frame range too. Your min/max frames are way too narrow. Give it to at least 50 max.
    If you look on my thread, you'll find an HP fire spread for a shiny magneton that I bred. You can use that for your Beldum. It doesn't matter what nature you have, that IV spread gives you HP Fire 70. You can also try to google HP Fire to see if there's an alternate spread you'd like. The one for my magneton does not sacrifice attack, which would be good for a quiet Beldum, in case you do decide to give it an attack move.
    I don't know. It's a catching seed. I don't use catching seeds to breed. I use the spread (the list of IVs that came with the catching seed) to generate a breeding seed in Time Finder.
    If you are catching, you put the seed into the Seed HEX window, definitely not the PID. The list will say seed right in front of the seed.

    If you are breeding, you copy the IVs from the best spread into Time Finder so that you can generate a seed for your baby with the HP 70 you were wanting it to have.
    I've read back on the help thread. Sometimes you need to turn PokeRNG totally off and then back on again to make it run correctly. I had a couple of instances where it just didn't seem to work (instantly finished without results). For any HP 70, don't ask for shiny, so you won't need your SID or ID, do ask for the nature, do ask for the HP type, and don't ask for exact IVs. Put the IVs to these maximums for timid or modest 29/0/29/29/29/29 and these maxiums for any other nature 29/29/29/29/29/29. You should get results if you do that. Look for a txt file call spreads in the same folder you installed the program.
    For HP electric, generate spreads for it on PokeRNG and use the list you get from PokeRNG to then generate a seed for hatching a pokemon with an electric spread. Just use the same IVs PokeRNG gave you. If that doesn't suit you, then google Hidden Power values until you find something you like.
    When doing a jolly or adamant pokemon, it's very unusual to have Hidden Power because SpAtt is ruined. So go for max IVs in everything unless you need a special IV due to substitute or some other move/item that might affect your pokemon in battle.
    Your stat list is correct. I got the wrong poke highlighted when I got the calculator to run.
    I forget if you told me you have a DS lite or a DSi. If you have a DS lite, put a GBA game into the GBA slot so that your delay will be forced over to even.

    If you have a DSi, then you need to find an odd delay or, if you have sufficient time on the second countdown, you scroll down to mystery gift and back up again to continue. This will also force the delay to even.

    If not that, you set the DS to another year, but you still use the year 2010 in RNG Reporter. So 2011 on the DS, but 2010 on the RNG reporter settings. (I have never tried this last piece of advice and therefore don't know if I said any of that right).
    Yes, I can help for a while. I need to stay distracted. I have a lot of back pain today.
    Ok, so somehow you were nowhere near the frames and possibly not on your delay. You still have the seed. You can use that pokemon on seed finder to see if you were on your delay and if yes, find the frame you landed on as well.

    I'm not staying on the computer long. I just came back to check. After you find out what went wrong with the last project, start a new project with the perfect ditto.
    I hope you didn't turn the game off. What if one of your parent pokes had a 31 IV and gave you a fourth 31?
    The best way to talk to the Daycare man without letting the NPC move is to use your right thumb to press the go back button on the lower DS screen on the very last call. You keep pressing non-stop on that last call, even after the call is over, and you'll find yourself talking to the Daycare man without a pause and you should get from frame 27 and onto 28 without letting the NPC move.

    As for missing your delay, that is unfortunately something that happens and you just have to keep trying. I have spent many hours on some pokemon because of missing my delay. I just keep trying until I get it.
    I said that to you last night because you don't have any roamers. You in particular need a minimum of 12 to 15 for target because you need 9 Elm calls to check your delay and all 9 calls advance your frames. Plus you need a leeway of 3 to 6 just in case NPC's move you three frames higher before you get into the pokegear.

    We should be discussing this on MSN. It's too slow by VM.
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