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Apr 19, 2014 at 8:45 PM
Jun 11, 2011
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Apr 19, 2014 at 8:45 PM
    1. srk1214
      generation gaps tour. I'm east coast us and should be around tonight and/or tomorrow. weeknights are usually ok too (not monday tho.)
    2. Passion
      we have to play for filing gens tour im gmt-5 when r we fighting?_?
      1. Light The Thunder
        Light The Thunder
        Say me when could u play and i try make a timetable
        Apr 3, 2014
    3. TV-Rocka
      Hey bro, I forgot what your timezone was ^^
    4. Laurel
      Uhh hello? Lol I have finals this next week so a response would be nice. :(
    5. Zebraiken
      yo ltt when do you want to play for wcop? im busy most of this week so sometime this weekend or later would be best; later would be best for me but i can play earlier if need be. i'm gmt -5 (so it's 10:08 am for me at the time of posting this).
    6. Laurel
      Im playing you for WCOP when can you battle? How does next weekend sound.
    7. BLINGAS ♥
      BLINGAS ♥
      i'll be on genvuu all day as tanner if you decide to come on again
    8. BLINGAS ♥
      BLINGAS ♥
      yo we have to play for uupl find me on irc as tanner
    9. Thatsjustpeachy
      Hey Light, were you the one that wanted to read the Blazblue novels? I recall a tiger mentioning this series
    10. Matty85
    11. Matty85
      Ok...see you this evening/night
    12. Matty85
      Good...Thursday night is ok?
    13. taxi driver
      taxi driver
      so are gonna battle... I'll be around from 5pm-10pm tuesday and wednesday im gmt-6
    14. taxi driver
      taxi driver
      when do you wanna battle for spl finals
    15. Matty85
      Hi, we are paired for the first turn of the VGC tournament. Let me know when you can play
    16. Iconic
      allo i'm here early so just let me know when you're on :)
    17. Iconic
      I've gotta peace now but I will be on tomorrow after around 6 pm EST for the rest of the night
    18. Iconic
      i can play tomorrow night for sure. i'm on right now for a few more hours as well
    19. Iconic
      hey man will you be here tomorrow? i'm gonna try my best to come on tonight but i'm not sure it'll be a possibility. just let me know
    20. Iconic
      yeah the weekend sounds fine. i'll be pretty busy this weekend but saturday night is probably best for me. i'm GMT -5
    21. Iconic
      when are you free
    22. BKC
      i can be on in a few (i'm also gmt +1) but when i get on i only have a half hour so we've gotta make it quick
    23. yee
      I'm your new opponent for spl, im gmt-8 and should be available tommorow.
    24. Vinc2612
      I meant during the night, I won't be here the evening. Like, 2am. But if you're fine with that, it's perfect
    25. Vinc2612
      Hi ! We are paired for the SPL.
      I have some weird schedules this week, sorry about that. It would be nice if you can play tomorrow evening, sometime between 7pm and 2am (I'm GMT +1).
      If you can't, I could play Wednesday morning, or during the night from Thursday to Friday. I could also play Friday around 1pm.

      Sorry for the unconvenience
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