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Dec 11, 2014
Jun 15, 2008
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Success is the best revenge., Male, from Michigan

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Dec 11, 2014
    1. Lutra
      Hi, can you put a list of the current tiers that you can apply for in the tutor profiles thread?
    2. panamaxis
      any chance fastflygon and I could get an extension till saturday? (for UU tourney). We just have a horrible timezone matchup and haven't been able to make it work on weekdays. If not it's fine, just coinflip it, we've both been about as active as eachother.
      1. Limitless
        Mar 20, 2014
      2. panamaxis
        hey, didn't manage to catch Fastflygon online this weekend but I haven't been significantly more active then him so just coinflip it i guess. Thanks anyway for the extension, sorry we couldn't get it done.
        Mar 23, 2014
    3. TPO3
      Can I be subbed out from/dropped from the UU tourney? I'm going to be gone for 8 days starting this Friday, so I'll be unable to keep active. Thanks!
      1. Limitless
        Mar 11, 2014
    4. Swaqqie

      I've been playing pokemon for about a month, but I would like some help with the team-building process, as well as different types of teams. Could you help?

      1. gold azumarill
        May 17, 2014
    5. Turtleye

      I saw that we are opponents in the second round of the UU tourney. I'm just wondering what your timezone is so we can figure out a time to play.

      Mine is +1 GMT
      1. Limitless
        Mar 3, 2014
      2. Turtleye
        Okay. Well I think we can play in the weekend if that's OK with you.
        Mar 3, 2014
      3. Limitless
        Mar 3, 2014
    6. Subject 18
      Subject 18
      You forget to change this part on the UUTC thread:

      "Time for an example. Say the two Pokémon chosen are Genesect and Charizard Y. An entry should look like:"

      The team didnt have Genesect or Zard Y.

      nvm you fixed it
    7. Harsha
      congrats on the promotion ;]
      1. Limitless
        Feb 25, 2014
    8. wonderprince302
      What team did you use to conquer the UU (beta) ladder on PS?
    9. Bloo
      Dose "tutor me" requests on dis profile doe....
      1. Limitless
        you're too nice with the ones on yours :x
        Feb 17, 2014
    10. KidDracula
      Hey Dude! I'm in need of some build ratio Mentor-ship. I'm starting to get somewhat decent, but my I.G Pokemon "X/Y" team is mediocre. I've been working on building a team around "unexpected" attacks/abilities/stall/defensive moves.

      Anyway, I've explained myself a-bit, I'm serious about your Mentor-ship program and interested in delving deeper into the Pokemon Meta-game!

      I'll just leave it at that, have a good 1!
      1. KidDracula
        I'm just going to elaborate on a few things I mentioned. It's not so much that my Pokemon are bad. It's more of I need to keep breeding Pokemon, that and learn from my mistakes. Which I have. Even if I lose a match, I always count it as a victory. Why you may ask? Because even though I may have lost the match, I gained useful properties that I could potentially utilize with my own unique build.
        Feb 4, 2014
    11. UltragamerShiko
      Do you think you can tutor me sometime. Im a really good player, but Im having trouble adapting to the new format. Send me PM whenever you can and I'll get back to you as soon I can
    12. SickSevenOne
      I sent you a PM Limitless regarding the Tutee tourney =]
    13. BenBurne
      I would as well like a chance to take place in the new tutoring session. If I could that would be delightful. I'm having confusion about my team and what I should improve on.
    14. bigD97
      Hey I would kindly appreciate it if you were to tutor me. Im having problems putting together teams
    15. 6Tempest9
      Hey I was wondering how I jump onto your tutoring program? I'm new to competitive pokemon battling. Cheers
    16. PokemonMaster101
      Im wondering if you can tutor me! I am a new member to Smogon.
    17. Alex White
      Alex White
      Hey! I am new to competitive pokemon battling and was wondering if there was anyway i could get tutored? Thank you so much!!
    18. Vinc2612
      We are paired for the OST Round 1. I can play pretty much any weekday evening (GMT +1) and most of the weekend, but only from January 25th.
      1. Limitless
        yea i can play whenever. just lemme know when you're ready.
        Jan 17, 2014
    19. Fukaya
      Hello, I'd like to be one of the tutored. Would you mind if you give me the instructions to participate? Thanks a lot!
    20. Novemberwolf
      I definitely want to be one of the tutored! What do I have to do?
    21. dhn
      could you tell me how to sign up for tutee? missed my chance this month but would like to get a spot next month. thx
    22. DHR-107
      Hey Limitless, did your teambuilding guide ever get published in the smog or on site?

      If so could I have a link for it? I think it would be a big help for some of the newer users we have in mentoring.

      Cheers :)
      1. Limitless
        It was in a Smog article. I forget which one.
        Dec 16, 2013
    23. XxmetasniperxX
      Hello, I am not new to the game it is just mainly the advanced team building/ predicting swaps in battle that i struggle with, other than that, i am ready to start tutoring. I am in the EST . And I am avalible from 4:30pm-8:45pm Mon-Fri and Sat 12:30-4:55pm
    24. QuestioningSweeper
      I'll Sign Up For Being A Tutee in XY OU. Time Zone is UTC/GMT PHT - Philippine Time
      3:30 - 6:00 Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays. 5:00 - 6:00 Mondays, Wednesdays. I can't be available in Saturdays and Sundays. Send me a message back.
    25. Redpunter
      Ill sigh up to be a tutor on Showdown, x and y ou. My time is est, and ive been playing pokemon for years and i love the sport and the game aspects
      1. Redpunter
        oh yeah my Showdown Name is Redpunter.
        Nov 8, 2013
      2. Redpunter
        and one last thing, I've self taught myself the game, it has become my heart and my soul. I'm, 13 but I have ten times the experience that most 13 year olds have when it comes to Pokemon. I'm very mature for my age as well and I would love to become a tutor
        Nov 8, 2013
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