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Dec 11, 2014 at 1:48 PM
Jun 15, 2008
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Success is the best revenge., Male, from Michigan

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Limitless was last seen:
Dec 11, 2014 at 1:48 PM
    1. LuckOverSkill
      Hi, my GMT is +2 and I can battle pretty much anytime starting from Wednesday bar saturday night, Thursday would be the preferred day. I can stay up late night
      1. Limitless
        I'll be back from vacation Friday. We'll talk then.
        Jul 10, 2013
    2. PimpayLucari0
    3. PimpayLucari0
      Can you send be a battling 101 sin-up link?
    4. Vinc2612
      I won't be there Tuesday evening :/
      Can we play Monday or Thursday/Friday instead ? I'm sorry about that
    5. Vinc2612
      According to your schedules, the best for me would be to play from 12 pm - 4pm your time.

      I'm available most of the days, but since I just came back, I need a couple of days to be ready. What about playing Thuesday 3 PM east ? I suggest Tuesday because we need to choose a day, but any other day would also works for me.
    6. ShadowJester66
      Guess I am unlucky limitless he says is tutoring a guy that messaged him on sunday and he said he can't have two so good luck next round is what I got
    7. Julius
      U there?
    8. DGX
      i'm still confused
    9. Julius
      I'm on right now, wanna play?
    10. ShadowJester66
      Think I could get a link?
    11. ShadowJester66
      Hey limitless is Prem still open as a tutor? I am looking to learn all I can
    12. Vinc2612
      Which timezone ?
      I will come back from my vacation Friday, I will VM you again that day
    13. Julius
      We can play today if you want. I'm GMT -6, I'll be online till late at night. Let me know if you are around.
    14. Attereb0
      Is it too late to sign up for this one? Or should I wait for the next session? And how do I sign up? And am I posting this in the right place?
    15. Dottor Wonder
      Dottor Wonder
      you can find me on PO server as Wonder or Wonder Hax...which alts do you use?
    16. Dottor Wonder
      Dottor Wonder
      -9?...if you're -9 and you can play from 12 pm to 2 am i think i' ll be on fron 11 pm to 1.30 am od your gmt
    17. Dottor Wonder
      Dottor Wonder
      ok and what's your GMT? i'm avaible from 7 AM to 8-9 or rarely 10 PM GMT +1(obviously not for all that time but if you tell me an hour i'll be on)
      from 16th to 21st june i'll be on holiday...gl
    18. Julius
      All right, we have plenty of time for it. Just let me know when you are ready and we'll play.
    19. Kevin Garnett
      Kevin Garnett
      It appears your grease has made it so you cannot call me annoying to my face and instead have to ban me when I hadn't said anything for an hour and a half. I understand though you're salty you couldn't back your trash talking up and lost to some random.
    20. Chieliee
      Heya, i'm posting on behalf of the benelux wcop team to let you know that vinc2612 is on holiday until the 16th of June, so don't worry if you don't see any activity on his side!
    21. Brap
      How about Showdon now?
    22. Kidogo
      Hey limitless, I meant to tell you sooner but I probably won't have time to do tutoring this round cause of traveling and other commitments (my tutee from round 73 also wanted to continue meeting to go a little more depth, which I'd love to be able to oblige). I hope this is OK? If not, I'll of course take on a new tutee.
    23. Harsha
      Dear Limitless,

      I extend my sincerest condolences for my irresponsible behavior that spanned over the course of the last three months—please allow me to explain, if I may.

      Where should I begin? Limitless, I think we should start on the first day of my extended absence; I believe it was around Valentine's Day, February 13th, to be exact. I had just finished my daily prayer to Our Lord and Savior: the Queen Solace, when I stumbled upon a notice I left on the door to my room. To my surprise, tennis season was just about to start!

      Unfortunately, sitting on my computer, attending classes at our lovely Smogon University got me a little out of shape. I had to train, but instead of my usual training that I endure in order to fulfill my second goal of becoming a Pokemon master (my first being to be a useful servant to Our Lord and Savior: the Queen Solace, of course), I had to face the rigors of playing tennis daily.

      Battered and beaten each and every day, there was little time to attend the fine establishment here at http://www.smogon.com, and soon I began slipping away. My grades in the basics of Pokemon dropped; even team rating, the area in which I specialize, became a living nightmare grades-wise. This was hardly a time to manage a program as prestigious as Battling 101, where users go for top-notch advice from the best Pokemon trainers around.

      However, our dear friend Bloo recently told me that you'd be taking leave in order to visit family in the Philippines. I couldn't let the program die out due to the absence of a Pokemon master—I had to do something.

      So, just as I trained day and night (but mostly day) for tennis, I again trained, this time with my goal being none other than becoming a Pokemon master in order to maintain the stability of Battling 101 as an organization while you take leave.

      I swear on Our Lord and Savior: the Queen Solace that I shall do my part in making rounds, assigning pairings, upholding seminars, evaluating sessions, and most importantly, in making sure the sanctified nature of frameworks are upheld.

      Here's to an amazing summer vacation, Limitless. I promise to hold the fort back here on Smogon; please enjoy your well-deserved break.

    24. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      More than willing to do it every time, if you want. I just won't message you, and will only message you when I can't do it.
    25. Lady Salamence
      Lady Salamence
      i will update onsite for tutor today
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