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Mar 29, 2012
Feb 13, 2012
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Mar 29, 2012
    1. Princess Bubblegum
      Princess Bubblegum
      you were on pokedream? come back
    2. Pwnemon
      no, terribly serious. i was banned for my beliefs.

      which is why i'm glad i'm banned from there, you know?
    3. Pwnemon
      for being a Christian.

      anyway yeah, NegativeVibe was the only person I really liked on the forums, and he left right after i got banned apparently so I don't mind being gone from that hellhole
    4. Pwnemon
      yeah i remember that, it was right before i was banned.
    5. Pwnemon
      TPT is actually not that bad. Me and justin (read: me) are working on an ASB league, and some of the old posters have come back.

      other than that, basically Smogon
    6. Pwnemon
      liberal group masturbation session in the way that conservatives are called out and then banned for their beliefs so the liberals can go back to patting themselves on the back for being such openminded, accepting, nonbigoted individuals.

      it's smart of you not to leave the gaming area.
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