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Living Things
Last Activity:
Apr 6, 2013
Apr 23, 2012
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Living Things

Living Things was last seen:
Apr 6, 2013
    1. Da Letter El
      Da Letter El
      Hi, you were subbed out of the DPP Fest tournament two days ago for inactivity because of no evidence of contacting your opponent in time. Sorry.
    2. Broken Wing
      Broken Wing
      I'm online right now as Broken wing if your available.
    3. Emix
      I'll not be avabile in 2 1/2 hours
    4. Emix
      mm can you battle now ?
    5. Broken Wing
      Broken Wing
      I can play now for the RU tour if your ready.
    6. ModestGarchomp
      ok i am online now
    7. Broken Wing
      Broken Wing
      I'm on GMT -5 so if you could potentially stay out later or battle in the morning for you as 6 to 10 your time would be practicably impossible for me on a weekday.
    8. ModestGarchomp
      hey are you ready to play now?
      where do you want to play?
    9. Emix
      hi we have to battle for dp fest when you're avabile ? (gmt +1) if u want we can battle now
    10. Ace Emerald
      Ace Emerald
      Are you able to battle now?

      Edit: oh you gave me the win. Thanks man, you're a nice guy! Shame we never got to battle :/
    11. Ace Emerald
      Ace Emerald
      There's not much way I can. I can maybe play tomorrow morning, otherwise we'll just have to ask for an extension/coin flip :/ it sucks, but scheduling a time was pretty difficult.
    12. ModestGarchomp
      yeah tonight just vmd me when ur ready. if not then tomorrow
    13. ModestGarchomp
      hey we have to play for the random tour. i can play for all of tomorrow but not on sunday.
      I am gmt-5.
      When can you play?
    14. JCM.
      for your dark horse pokemon in ru don't use mesprit we need it to drop in nu :(
    15. Vodka
      Ok, I prefer PO. I'm on as Vodka in Reborn Server you're ready?
    16. Vodka
      Hey Living Things, can you play today for the RU Mini Tournament? I'll be on between 10am and 7pm (GMT-4)
    17. Ace Emerald
      Ace Emerald
      I have a busy week starting tomorrow. I can do 11 pm tonight, and I can do around 7:30-8 ish (1:30-2 EST) tomorrow. I don't know exacts but somewhere in there. Otherwise, I'm busy Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and probably a good bit of Sunday. I can do Sunday evening most likely (night for you), and Monday I return to normal (about 11 pm).
    18. Ace Emerald
      Ace Emerald
      I'm GMT -5 and I'm generally available in the evenings as well. I log on IRC about 5 pm for me and stay on most of the evening. I'm in #pokemon and #doubles and many other channels, I'm pretty easy to find.
    19. sebixxl
      Hey decode, bin bei meiner freundin!
    20. Pedrock
      Sry, I had already left. 're u still there?
    21. Pedrock
      Hey man, wanna play for Random Tour now?
    22. Morgenstern
      sorry was away cuz of school and stuff :c ...well when ur online just go to PO and get on the [BA]Broken Arrow channel..im always there ;D
    23. Pedrock
      I'm GMT-3. Ok, I guess this week sounds good.
    24. Raseri
      sure now works, and youre the home player so its your choice
    25. Vileman
      Ok, shall we battle in showdown? im under the name of vileman there.
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