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Living Things
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Apr 6, 2013
Apr 23, 2012
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Living Things

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Apr 6, 2013
    1. Brammi
      Hey, my timatable changes weekly. I'm GMT+10 so this could be difficult as I rarely get the weekend off.

      Basically, if you see me online, say something and I might see it. As soon as I see we are both on at the same time I'll punch on the opportunity to battle.
    2. complete legitimacy
      complete legitimacy
      Yeah, I'll be on then.
    3. pokebasket
      no, sry I won't be from 5 PM to 9 PM my time
    4. pokebasket
      Well, we must battle this week

      Tell me when can you play

      I'll be today in my evening/night , tomorrow in my afternoon, on Friday in my afternoon/night , and almost all the weekend
    5. Cicada
      Yup it's good, see you later then
    6. Cicada
      We need to get our battles done, tell me when you're avaiable
    7. Cicada
      Sup, are you avaiable to do our remaining matches now? If not, tell me when you can
    8. pokebasket
      Mm, ok, I think I'll be then.

      GMT +1, remember
    9. Cicada
      Hey, i'm on grotto po2, alt Sagittarius
    10. VallejoMC.
      Hey where are u? ^^
    11. pokebasket
      Hi, have you already made your DPP OU Team?

      I'll be some minutes online. If you want we can battle now, or tell me when you prefer
    12. Zephir
      Do tou want to play our homefield game ?
    13. meeps
      okay, pokemonexperte is fine with me, can't battle today but I probably can tomorrow so I will look for you then.
    14. Cicada
      Yup, It's better for me since I have my exams this week
    15. Cicada
      Hey, since the deadline is approaching, we should get our battle done. I have exams this week so I can only play on the weekend. Pick a time or something and i'll be here
    16. meeps
      Hi, we need to battle for SPL farm league, I'm GMT -6 and available from 4 PM - 10 PM during the week, and pretty much all day on weekends
    17. VallejoMC.
      Hi, I'm gmt-5, usually i can play between 11am-3pm my time. Maybe this thursday at 1pm its ok for u? The tier could be adv ou or bw uu, you decide ^^
    18. Zephir
      "Zephir vs Living Thing" > pretty sure i'm the home player but it doesn't make any difference. We'll probably do that tomorrow then :)
    19. pokebasket
      Hi, do you want to battle for the Home Field Tourney?
      I'm on Grotto
    20. Zephir
      Hey, i'm GMT+1 too (France). If i'm the home player, i'll let you choose between BW Uber and DPP Uber. VM me back for your answer and your availability.
      Edit : I can play pretty much all day if you tell me by advance.
    21. Cicada
      Are tou avaiable at 7pm gmt+1?
    22. complete legitimacy
      complete legitimacy
      Yeah I'll be on both of those days, Friday after school at around 2 (GMT-5) and Saturday practically all day.
    23. Cicada
      Hey, i'm gmt+1, i can play during the week, pick a date and we'll get our battle done
    24. Lohgock
      Ich wurde auch rausgehaxxt .-.
    25. MAlkaviano
      yes, my nickname will be recoba
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