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Living Things
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Apr 6, 2013
Apr 23, 2012
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Living Things

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Apr 6, 2013
    1. polop
      Ok Harsha says we have permission to extend it. Right now I'm really not sure when I can make it back home on Saturday. I'll VM you an hour earlier (or more) / around that time on Saturday if I'm able to play on Grotto that day (so basically when you log onto smogon you might see a VM from me that says we can play at that time). If you have to make changes with your schedule to meet 10PM or 11PM on Sunday then I think it'd be best if we tried battling on another day.

      Sorry about time differences again.
    2. Z-rex
      hey, we have to play for the UU all gen (our tier is RBY UU )

      when would it be ok for you ?
    3. polop
      I actually have to be out on Friday and Saturday, sorry. That time works on Sunday and Thursday for me though. We can play later too, is there any day aside friday and saturday this week?

      MAYBE ON SATURDAY THAT TIME, but that's a big maybe. I'll VM Harsha asking for more time.

      Sorry about late reply :(. Your fine with using Groudon's Grotto though right?
    4. Harsha
      if you cannot schedule a time within the next week due to timezone problems, just tell me and i can give you an extension. it looks like you're putting effort into getting your matches done so i can give you one.
    5. polop
      Hello Living Things we are paired up for the next round in the No-weather Ubers tournament! What time can you play and what is your GMT :P. My GMT is -6 and I can play at a time from 7:00 PM-11:00 PM on Wednesday and 5:00 PM-11:00 PM on Tuesday and Thursday. I'm pretty much free for most of the day on Sunday (pretty busy Friday and Saturday though :(). If you can't meet any of the above times I can try to change my plans accordingly so that we can battle.

      Also if its OK, I really perfer going on Groudon's Grotto instead of PS, so can we battle there instead if its ok :P.
    6. Kennen
      My GMT is -7, I think we can play today, or we'll play in the next weekend.
    7. Double01
      hey lets play now
    8. Radli
    9. Radli
      Okay, my timezone is GMT+4.
    10. Furai
    11. Furai
    12. Furai
      hi we gotta battle for no-weather ubers r3 im gmt+2 available most of the weekend
    13. Radli
      Hi. When are you free for battle in "NU: Back to the Future" tour?
    14. Double01
      sure lets play now

      Edit: i posted this 20 seconds after ur last activity and Im going off now. I'll play you tomorrow around noon.
    15. Double01
      You want to play at like noon my time which is like 6pm your time?
    16. Pkrs
      whenever you want and i´m gmt-5
    17. Husky
      hi, just want to tel.l you that I'm on from now on. just tell me when you're ready
    18. Husky
      So you got the win? cool, I'm GMT+1 as well.. I guess I can battle you this saturday sometime around evening (5pm - open end), just let me know when you have time.
    19. doughboy
      can you be a little more specfic? i could have to go somewhere
    20. shartruce
      hey i'll be online for the next few hours, let's try to get it done today because i can't play tomorrow.
    21. shartruce
      hey i see you're online now, we can get this battle done now
    22. shartruce
      okay now i'm sure i will be on all day today, so just vm/pm me when you're ready
    23. aim
      yo u down to play?
    24. shartruce
      hey can you play now?
    25. aim
      I can play right now just hmu when u get on
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