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Oct 25, 2014 at 3:29 PM
Aug 20, 2008
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June 25


A mo so true.

is a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Past WCoP Winner

To anyone who wanted to play smash with me, sorry I am really busy. Oct 24, 2014 at 8:19 AM

LizardMan was last seen:
Oct 25, 2014 at 3:29 PM
    1. Flora

      I've always wanted to make a team about Breloom and Machamp together because people find them annoying, but I never really got the time to do that.
    2. Raigekijin
      Hello Red Breloom guy.
    3. Rename Card
      Rename Card
      Ride it 'til the wheels fall off.
    4. Rename Card
    5. TEST 101
      TEST 101
      Ah it's alright thks alot for the happy wishes!
    6. Jio
      Hey Lizardman I have this Girafarig set and I need help with the last move. Its ment to be a sweeper and the set is MagicCoat/ Psychic/ Signal Beam/ HPGround or HpFighting. I'm leaning towards HPGround to hit Heatran and Magnezone harder. What do you think?
    7. gamer22
      hey have you got those pokes cloned
    8. Rename Card
      Rename Card
      Such a dweeb. Had any interesting battles?
    9. Rename Card
      Rename Card
      Where have you been?
    10. squirtlesquad14
      Hey LizardMan! I'm in wifi now. :D
    11. TEST 101
      TEST 101
      I hope so too, Night!
    12. TEST 101
      TEST 101
      Bonjourno! XP Brawl tourney at VG night on Friday at sis College W00T
    13. Tsubasa-kun
      Hey o/ I can pick up the EV'ed zong now and teach his moveset xD
    14. gamer22
      it sure is thanks to you xD
    15. gamer22
      i cant clone anymore dont have the flashcard

      but i did get my pokes cloned off someone else let me know when you got your pokes cloned xD
    16. gamer22
      hey want to trade now
    17. Rename Card
      Rename Card
      How're that Kingler and Shelgon treating you? I haven't used either of them yet, haha. I have been too busy with BS to battle.
    18. ItsTrue
      Hehe I tried that. I am almost coming to the conclusion that no active player has it atm: (
      Oh well, I will keep trying. Thanks!
    19. ItsTrue
      Hi Lizardman. Sorry, just one question, might you know of someone who has a HP fire modest Magneton/Magnemite?
    20. Squiddle
      Sorry, I Cant Now
    21. Jio
      I was battling Palmer for the gold stamp (I already got it from him) and later iin the battle I tricked a Scarf on his Cresselia with Togekiss. Then he locks himself in icebeam and kills off Togekiss. Then I go to Infernape and Overheat because I thought he would go first and hit me down to Blaze range but I outsped. Then I U-turned out and death foddered Leafeon. Then I bring in Infernape again who is at really low health and kill the Cresselia and win :D. Until I remembered I as holding a Life Orb so Ape dies too and its a draw :/
    22. LizardMan
      What happened in the battle tower? Also yes, I am willing to play OU or UU. Your call bro. ^_^
    23. Deschain
      hey man, you around? i have a friend coming over in a few, but i can probably squeeze in a battle. what tier? NU? UU?
    24. Jio
      Sup Lizard Man I've got to tell you something hilarious that happened to me in the Battle Tower
    25. ezequiel6566
      hey did you have that eevee i asked for cloned?
      the kirlia you wanted is ready and waiting that's why.
      so yea whenever you get the chance to, reply back.
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