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Jul 28, 2014 at 4:52 AM
Aug 20, 2008
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Jun 25, 1992 (Age: 22)


p good, Male, 22

is a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a World Cup of Pokemon defending champion

Trynd Yi Malz Akali Kat Fiora Riven Olaf Kayle Lux Wukong Heimer Irelia Amumu Jarvan Sejuani Fiddle Jul 22, 2014 at 11:55 PM

LizardMan was last seen:
Viewing forum list, Jul 28, 2014 at 4:52 AM
    1. Deschain
      hey man, you around? i have a friend coming over in a few, but i can probably squeeze in a battle. what tier? NU? UU?
    2. Jio
      Sup Lizard Man I've got to tell you something hilarious that happened to me in the Battle Tower
    3. ezequiel6566
      hey did you have that eevee i asked for cloned?
      the kirlia you wanted is ready and waiting that's why.
      so yea whenever you get the chance to, reply back.
    4. e.j.
      Ah, can you equip a grass knot tm on your pokemon by any chance :P
      If not, I'll be online now.
    5. e.j.
      Hey, did we have a trade going on? I forget
    6. Cosmic Jeff
      Cosmic Jeff
      Sure, I will catch you on Wi-Fi then. I will just assume to use your Platinum code.
    7. LizardMan
      Thanks Gir! for teaching my Walrein Super Fang for free.

      Also, it was no problem Test101, especially since we are friends now. =)
    8. TEST 101
      TEST 101
      Tks for traiding to all4games for me! Im really having issue with my new modem but I found a guide so that might be able to help.
    9. Gir!
      Hey dude, I saw you needed your Walreirn Tutored SF...I got SS and could do that, but unfortunately, Aqua Ring is an egg move, not a tutor....so, if you are still interested, please PM me
    10. all4game
      I only get the shiny one, I think. Coming back on with the clone now.
    11. all4game
      Is she? I didn't know that. XD
      And I can clone it back for you.
      Can you trade now?
    12. LizardMan
      Sure, I can give them to you. I need a clone back though. Also Test101 is a girl. xP
    13. all4game
      Hi, Test 101 told me you got the shiny espeon from the giveaway. His wifi isn't working, so I asked him if any of the other winners had recieved their pokemon and he said you received both espeon. I am looking for the shiny version, because I won it in his giveaway and he is unable to trade. Would you mind giving me a copy?
    14. LizardMan
      I did that when breeding Omanytes before, however the IV's sucked and the ability was wrong lol.
    15. Jio
      OMG Lizardman I just bred a shiny Chikorita and I didnt even mean to. A was IV breeding and bam a shiny Chikorita :D
    16. TEST 101
      TEST 101
      No prob! Enjoy!
    17. TEST 101
    18. Rename Card
      Rename Card
      I'm on Wi-Fi. Where are you?
    19. TEST 101
      TEST 101
      Ok! It's ready! =)
      Tell me when your ready to go online
    20. LizardMan
      Oh ok, thanks much bro. =]

      Don't worry RC, once HG/SS comes out, I will breed you that Recover Kecleon.
    21. Rename Card
      Rename Card
      Ok, meet me on Wi-Fi. I have a copy for you.
    22. LizardMan
      Well... Synthesis is quicker, but Leech Seed makes it more of a supportive pokemon.

      Synthesis is actually quite good in NU, since the weather almost never gets changed... so I would probably go with that since its quicker and more reliable. Leech Seed can miss, doesn't affect other grass types, and its slow... and seems like the lesser option.
    23. Jio
      Yo I'm thinking of using Counter Meganium, should I give it Leech Seed or Synthesis?
    24. LizardMan
      Nah, the date doesn't bother me too much, so don't worry about it. xP
    25. LizardMan
      Mhm, Europe seems fun TBH.

      Also, it has a huge suprise factor, which is another reason why I like Scarfed Swampert.
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    Jun 25, 1992 (Age: 22)
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    Proud of its power
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    0260 6092 9508
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    0947 7714 3891
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